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Happy Thanksgiving

Just a quick post to wish all a happy Thanksgiving holiday. Traditionally, of course, one should think about all the things one is thankful for today. I am thankful for my wonderful, patient and exceptionally sexy wife, who gave me a special treat this morning to welcome in the holiday. Hope all of you have something nice to be thankful for as well!

Enjoy yourself, and the holiday,


Car Wash Challenge

Here it is mid-March, and the nice weather is making me think of spring rituals. You know, things like planting flowers, grilling out on the deck, and of course, getting the car washed. After a long winter full of mud and salted roads, a good car wash is essential to welcome in the warmer weather, right?

There’s a car wash that I sometimes go to down the road. It’s one of those fully-automated, mechanical ones that some gas stations have put in. You fill up the tank, and as you finish, the pump asks you if you want to wash your car. If you answer yes, it bills your card for the wash plus the gas, and then gives you a secret code. You pull up to the entrance to the wash building around back, enter the code on a keypad, and the entry gate opens and you can drive in. The water sprays turn on, the brushes and buffers spin up, and washing begins. A couple minutes later you drive back out again with a clean(er) car.

“Why am I reading about car washes?” you may be asking yourself. “Spring or no, I kinda thought Jake usually wrote about a different kind of subject matter.”

But see, here’s the thing. While you’re in the wash, sitting in your car surrounded by spraying water and spinning brushes, it’s actually kind of a private environment. Oh, only semi-private; the world goes on all around you, but for a couple, brief moments, while the wash is in operation, there is peace and a feeling of being cut off from the external world, isolated behind your car doors. It’s only for a couple minutes, mind you. After that, the wash ends, the splashing water shuts down, the entryway lights up, and anyone behind you waiting to get in begins honking their horn if you don’t move.

And that, of course, brings me to the challenge…the Car Wash Challenge.

Assuming that you have a car wash such as I described above within driving range, you can present your partner with the challenge, if you’re so inclined. Here are the rules–they are pretty simple:

  1. The challenge begins once the car wash has been activated by entering the key code…starting earlier is cheating.
  2. The passenger must bring the driver to orgasm. You can set any rules about how they’re allowed to do this that you want—for Joy and I for instance, the rule was that she was not allowed to use her hands.
  3. The driver shall not move his car out of the car wash until the passenger has made them come. This applies whether or not there is anyone else waiting in line, even if they honk their horn.

As I said, the rules are pretty simple, but you can see the fun to be had here. The atmosphere is private enough to make the challenge practical, but at the same time, public enough to add a thrill. There’s a built-in time limit, and should time expire, the challenge becomes more onerous because others might begin to pay attention to what is happening.

Joy likes to be challenged. She takes pride in overcoming whatever challenge life, or her husband, hands her. And she rose to the occasion of this particular challenge quite admirably. Oh, I didn’t make it too difficult for her. You know, we men have at least a little control over how easily we come, and I did what I could to help the process along quickly for her sake, but to be honest, her mouth is so warm and skillful anyway, she didn’t have much trouble. She finished me off only a few seconds after the exit light lit up, and after a moment of recovery, we drove off, with Joy wearing a smug smile (among other things) on her face, and the guy waiting in line behind us in his Audi none the wiser.

Do you think your partner (or you, yourself) can do as well? It’s up to you how much notice you give them about what you have planned. Joy is expected to always be ready and available, so I didn’t say anything until I had the code in hand and was about to enter it onto the keypad. Think you can handle the car wash challenge? There’s only one way to find out. Feel free to share your adventure via comment below if you’d like! Happy spring, and as always…

Enjoy yourself,


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Snowed In

Apologies for the lack of recent updates, but we received quite a quantity of snow here over the past weekend, and as a result, have spent the last several days snowed in together. Now, the downside to this is all the shoveling and plowing and cold and inconvenience and lack of time to write for this blog. On the other hand, however, we have power, plenty of food, and a wood-burning stove, and there are few things in the world better than being snowed in with Joy. Imagine coming in from the cold to a nice, hot fire and a nice, hot wife…what could be better than that?

Snow emergencies, such as this, are serious business, and they call for emergency rules to be set in place to deal with things for the duration of the event. I was forced, I’m afraid, to set such a rule, and it has proven to be well-advised. Until we manage to dig ourselves out, whenever there is a fire going in the wood-burning stove, Joy may wear nothing more than panties around the house. She normally gets cold, you see, but the stove keeps the house so nice and warm, that it seems a shame to waste the heat. Plus she has such a lovely selection of panties, and it’s an excellent opportunity to show them off. I allowed an exception the other night when she cooked dinner and let her put a bra on–she was worried about potential spattering of oil–but it came off again once the food was on the table.

Funny how the heat of the stove seems to lead to heat of another kind, isn’t it? And how a little shared adversity will bring people closer together? Anyway, today will be more plowing and digging. I imagine we will break out of our isolation and into civilization again here one of these days, and that will be nice, but honestly, what’s the huge hurry?

That’s the news from here at our place…

Enjoy yourself!


The Edging Game

Thought I’d take a quick second to share a game that Joy and I played the other night. It’s called “the Edging game”, and I have to say we had a lot of fun together playing it.

Note that this is a completely vanilla game. Any couple can play, whether you are into spanking and bondage or not! My belief, stated in many previous posts, is that you can’t be all whips and chains and serious Domination all the time–sometimes you simply have to lighten things up and just enjoy each other. This game is a good activity for the “lighten up” nights. The rules are simple, and kind of remind me of the TV Gameshow, “The Price is Right”.

Each member of the couple tries to bring the other to the edge of orgasm as often as possible, without making them tip over the edge into coming. If you make your partner come, you immediately lose. Toys of any type are permitted. The game lasts for an hour, and whoever has the highest “edge total” at the end, wins.

Of course, judging is a bit subjective–after all, how do you know for sure your partner is truly at the edge, and will they agree with your judgement? However, bear in mind that you are playing to have fun together, so while a bit of competition adds some spice and humor to the activity, whoever comes out on top, you both end up winners.

Here’s how things played out for Joy and I. We started out each determined to be the winner. (Have I mentioned that Joy is a bit competitive?) A brief period of wrestling ensued, ended by deployment of the ultimate weapon…tickling. (I didn’t play fair…have I mentioned that I am a bit competitive?) That put me securely on top of Joy, where I used fingers and a vibrator to lift her higher and higher, while she first struggled, then succumbed to enjoyment. However, I was able to stop in time, and from that point forward, an interesting and somewhat wonderful dynamic took over. I suspect the same might hold true for almost any couple that plays this game.

Because I needed to let Joy cool down a little or risk pushing her over the edge, that gave her the opportunity to take the initiative. And when she did…well, like I said, I had to wait for a little while, which let me have the time to begin to enjoy what she was doing to me, which made me much less interested in stopping her and taking over again…right up until she left me hanging, right there, just before I exploded.

But then, of course, she needed to let me cool down, and after gathering myself for a moment, I took control back again and started her up Pleasure Mountain once more. And we repeated this cycle several more times during the course of the hour.

The cool down requirement enforces a sort of turn-taking behavior in players, and that made this game both fun and funny. We laughed a lot, in between gasps and shudders, and by the time we were through, both of us were thoroughly worked up and absolutely ready to finish things for real. All-in-all, I would say this was a very fun experience, and I encourage you, friend reader, to give it a go with your partner as well.

Just because I am who I am, I will also note that it is quite easy to turn this game into something a bit darker. Rather than the couple competing with each other, the Dominant partner can simply play against himself. How many times can he successfully bring his bound-and-helpless submissive half right up to the edge and stopping her just short of climax in a 60-minute time period? Four times, perhaps? Six times? Eleven? He can try to set a new personal best each time they play, and of course, it’s his choice at the end of the adventure if he allows his partner to finally achieve her orgasm, or simply puts her to bed, sweaty and gasping, most likely with her hands restrained so that she cannot relieve her own frustration…

Enjoy yourself,


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Shopping Even a Husband Can Enjoy

The holidays are, of course, prime shopping season. Personally, I’m a typical guy–shopping really isn’t my thing. If I need an item, I’ll head to the store or mall or wherever, I’ll buy it, and then I’ll head home. The idea of “browsing” from store-to-store on the off chance that I’ll find something I like, or of visiting multiple places to check out various purchase options sounds more like torture than fun. When Joy wants me to go out shopping with her for some reason, I generally humor her, but it’s not something I look forward to.

There is one kind of shopping trip, however, that I have discovered I enjoy very much, and I highly recommend it for any husband out there! Despite your instincts, trust me when I tell you that you will enjoy it as well, and I suggest that you book a trip to the mall right away. Believe it or not, I’m recommending that you go right into the den of the lion and shop for clothing with your wife…and not clothing for you, but clothing for her. Normally that would be the worst kind of madness, but in this case, it’s not dresses or pants that you’ll be shopping for. This time you’ll be shopping for underwear.

I have a bit of an advantage because our arrangement gives me the right to select Joy’s undergarments. We actually went through her pantie drawer awhile back and reviewed each pair, and I tossed all the ones that didn’t meet my approval. However, underwear shopping with Joy would be fun even without this feature, and I think it will be with your wife as well provided that she is open to allowing you to provide feedback on her potential purchases.

Specifically, you need to shop for bras with your wife. Oh, you may as well pick up some panties as well–that’s fun in its own way–but the thing is, women aren’t supposed to try on panties before they buy them. It is absolutely expected, on the other hand, that a woman try on a bra before purchasing it. Not doing so would be stupid, as bras need to fit intimately, and each woman has her own unique form.

And here’s where the fun comes in. Provided that a certain amount of discretion is used, Joy and I have found that most department stores will permit me to go into the dressing room with her to assist and provide feedback as she tries the bras on.

Now you can see why both Joy and I like this kind of shopping, and why I expect you would as well. Imagine having your wife in a semi-public place stripping off her top and trying on various and sundry brassiers, each of which you have selected because you thought she would look sexy in it. You viewing satisfaction is guaranteed! A certain amount of touching and caressing is bound to happen, and if the odd nipple finds its way into a mouth once in awhile, well, what’s the harm? Frankly, there is ample opportunity for more action than that, but do me a favor–remember the need for discretion or the stores will institute some kind of females-only policy and you’ll ruin the fun for the rest of us.

It’s good for the stores to permit this sort of thing as well. Joy and I walked out that day with at least four bras and a dozen pairs of panties, far more than Joy would have purchased on her own. The store was happy because it made a sale, I was happy because I was all hot and bothered and could hardly wait to see Joy in her new underclothes when we got home, and Joy was happy because she was all hot and bothered and anxious to wear her pretty new unmentionables, both for me in a fashion show when we got home, and later, out to work or to the grocery. It makes Joy feel pretty to have something sexy on under her everyday clothing, and we picked up some exquisite additions she could to add to her top drawer.

Underwear shopping is now something we do together every six months or so, and we both look forward to it. Oh, sometimes we wind up frustrated if we get some overzealous clerk at the store who feels that it’s not permissible to allow a man into his wife’s dressing room, but that’s easily solved–we just go to another store. My advice is to focus on the larger stores–Macy’s, for instance, or Neiman Marcus–and it’s best to go when it is not overly crowded. Boutiques tend to be more difficult, as the dressing rooms are smaller and the clerks feel they have less discretion about allowing a man to enter the fitting rooms.

So next time your wife asks you if you want to go shopping, don’t make up some excuse. Instead, tell her, “Sure! But I get to pick what we shop for!” And then, spend a nice afternoon together at the mall. Trust me–you’ll have fun!

Enjoy yourself,


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