Recipe for Showing Strength

Today’s adventure recipe is a simple one, requiring little equipment. However, it has the considerable advantage of showing off your physical strength to your partner very directly, by pitting it against their own. Of course, we stack the deck by virtue of the position they are in to help ensure your strength exceeds theirs, even if you’re not necessarily stronger in real life. For the submissive partner, there’s something magical about being Dominated by someone who is physically stronger, and this adventure is designed to leverage that magic.

In addition, it provides maximal skin-to-skin contact. Unlike more complex adventures, with ropes and cuffs and floggers, you and your partner will remain close, skin-to-skin, for the duration. For that reason, in a way, this is a more intimate adventure than many others.

As usual, I write from the point of view of a male Dominant with a female submissive partner, but you could easily adjust this exercise to fit other relationship configurations if required. A female Domme with a male submissive, for instance, is quite feasible–just use your imagination.

You Will Need:

  • One vibrator
  • An old necktie
  • A comfortable chair with a back…a recliner, for instance, will do nicely


Both you and your partner should start this adventure naked. Remember, I said we’d maximize skin-on-skin? If you prefer to have your partner strip off her clothes in front of you, that’s fine, but you want her bare before you begin in earnest. No need to conceal the equipment–there is so little of it, and it seems so innocuous, that keeping it out of sight serves no purpose.

  1. To begin, tie one end of the tie around your partner’s right wrist, and the other end of the tie around their left wrist. Make no attempt to tie the wrists close together–you’re going to want the slack.
  2. Place the vibrator near at hand where you can reach it from a sitting position, and then sit down in the chair with your legs spread apart. Have your partner sit down in front of you between your spread legs, so that her back is against your chest. When this step is complete, you should both be sitting facing the same direction, close up against each other, like you were riding in the same log on the Flume ride at an amusement park.
  3. Pull your partner’s hands up and back over her head, and pull the tie back over both your heads. Lean forward so that the slack of the tie comes down behind your back, then lean back to trap it in place. Lift your hands over the tie, so that it is secure behind your back and under your arms. When you are done, your partner’s hands should be bound behind her head where they can’t get in the way of the fun you’re both about to have.
  4. Lift your legs up over your partner’s and hook your ankles behind hers. Then use the strength of your legs to spread hers apart…and keep them apart.
  5. Now, use your hands and the vibrator to tease, caress and stimulate your partner however you see fit. Both her breasts and her genitals are fully available. With her hands bound out of the way and your legs locking hers apart, she cannot prevent you from doing whatever you want to drive her wild. My recommendation would be to begin slowly and build up the pleasure over time…perhaps starting with breasts and nipples, moving to her genitals when she’s already warmed up, and placing the vibrator where it will do the most good as she becomes fully overheated. Bear in mind that her ears and the sides of her neck are also available for your lips and tongue if those are erogenous zones for her.
  6. Keep going until she can’t stand it and starts to resist. With Joy, this happens before she actually reaches orgasm…I generally have to fight Joy to make her come (I’ve never really understood why…she likes to come…but that’s the ways she seems to work). It may not be the same with your partner, but you’ll know when the resistance starts because she’ll try to close her legs to get away from the vibrator (which by this point is firmly placed against her swollen clitoris). Use the power of your own legs to keep your partner’s legs spread wide. If you’re having trouble, try pushing your legs down as well as apart–the friction of your feet against the chair will help you maintain control. If necessary, brace your legs against the outside edg1es of the chair to keep them separated. Keep going with the vibrator and other stimulation until you have clearly demonstrated that you are stronger that your partner and you decide that it is time to stop. Hopefully this will be well beyond the point of orgasm(s) for your partner!
  7. After you have stopped, wrap your partner in your arms and hold her close. Kiss her neck and caress her…let her know what a good girl she has been.


A fun and easy add-on to this scenario is to perform it in front of the TV or a computer with “interesting” programming running where you and your partner can see it while you play. I sometimes do this with Joy when planting a seed for a future, new activity…one she’s never tried before…and choose the programming to reflect the seed I’m trying to plant. The adventure puts her in the right frame of mind to be open to new things…if you know what I mean.

One word of caution–be aware of your partner’s head! It will be placed quite close to your own, and if she tosses it around in the throes of passion, a painful impact could occur! I try to lean forward and position my head beside and slightly in front of Joy’s when we get close to the end of this adventure.

Enjoy yourself,


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