Joy has wonderful breasts. If you look at the image that accompanies this post, you can see what I mean. Her breasts are aggressively feminine! Joy’s nipples assert themselves. When excited, they pop out like cherries atop the twin scoops of vanilla that fill her bra. And they are highly sensitive as well. To date, I’ve never actually brought Joy to orgasm solely via nipple stimulation, but there are few things that help her on the way to the big “O” better than having her breasts played with.

So, everybody knows how to play with nipples, right? You can stroke them, caress them, circle the aureole gently with your finger or your tongue, kiss them or suck them. You can tickle them with a feather or bring them fully erect through the judicious application of a piece of ice. Joy tends to like some of the rougher techniques, so we often add pinching between the thumb and a finger, tugging upward until she has to come to her toes to ease the pressure, twisting, and (her favorite), trapping her nipple against the back of my front teeth, pressing hard against it with my tongue, and rolling it between tongue and teeth. And there are many, many other techniques I haven’t listed…way too many for me to try to note in this post.

However, I thought I’d talk about one technique that, used properly, can drive Joy crazy, to the point where she gasps and whimpers, writhes on the bed and tosses her head back and forth. And it’s something that not everyone may have thought of or tried. If you haven’t tried it, it might be fun to grab your partner and give it a go tonight–it ought to ensure they are quite steamy and ready for any other activity you have planned for follow up.

To start, I always like to bind Joy’s hands out of the way. It’s not really important how I do so, as long as they unable to reach her breasts and therefore cannot interfere with the stimulation I’m about to provide. Note that this step is not essential–you can certainly proceed while leaving your partner’s hands free–but in my opinion, it greatly adds to the experience if they are unable to stop the stimulation. That’s where the writhing and head-tossing comes in.

Once Joy’s hands are safely out of the way, I then proceed with warm up exercises–I use my hands and mouth to play with Joy’s nipples in many of the ways I listed above, The goal here is to get her good and excited and her nipples standing up high and proud before we begin in earnest. Once she’s flushed and breathing hard, and she’s nice and wet between her legs, it’s time to move forward. (If you’re playing along at home and you’re not sure if you’re partner’s wet, use your finger to go ahead and check! Her hands are bound–it’s not like she’s going to stop you.)

Next, I break out our two most powerful vibrators. For us, this would be our two Magic Wands. If you do not have magic wands, use the strongest vibrators you do have. And if you only have one vibrator…well, go buy another one! They’re not that expensive, and having two vibrators can come in handy in many, many situations. This is one of them!

I then apply the vibrators to Joy’s erect, excited nipples. She squirms and wiggles her body to try to get away as they overload her pleasure circuits, but of course, I make sure she cannot escape. Note for those playing at home–it is not necessarily most effective to press the vibrators down hard on your partner’s nipples. Often, the greatest sensation comes when you lightly apply the vibrator…but this, of course, makes it more difficult to keep them in place as your partner bucks and writhes beneath your touch. Naturally, the struggle is part of what makes it fun!

Four or five minutes of this, and Joy is ready to be taken in any way I choose to take her. During the course of those four or five minutes, it’s often fun to replace one of the vibrators at her nipple with my mouth, and apply the newly-freed-up vibe to her clitoris. Two hands plus a mouth means you can provide excitement to three different areas on your partner’s body, right? However, be careful when doing this–Joy, for one, can come quite easily when provided clitoral stimulation in this situation, so make sure the vibe between your partner’s legs doesn’t stay in place too long, or you may need to let her take a break to recover. I generally let the vibe between her legs work its magic only until she gets close to the edge of orgasm, then move it back to her nipple, saving her climax for later in the adventure.

Once the pleasure and excitement generated by Joy’s nipples has turned her from strong and professional woman to an overheated, sopping bundle of female desire, we usually move on to the main course, and end up with orgasms for everyone. However, I did want to point out one other option–one that works nicely if you’re feeling a bit strict or you believe a modicum of cruelty is in order. Twice over the past several years, after a dozen minutes of playing with Joy’s nipples, when she was fully aroused and panting to be taken, I have stopped and put down the vibrators. I have buckled her into the leather chastity belt we have–the one with the holders for two, internal dildos–and locked it in place, dildos fully inserted. And then I have put her to bed and turned out the light.

Why do this instead of mounting her and enjoying the pleasures of Joy? Why miss the opportunity to spread the legs of a beautiful and oh-so-willing woman?

Because sometimes the Dominant must remind the submissive exactly who owns who in the relationship. And once in awhile, demonstrating that message clearly can bring even more pleasure to both “D” and “s” over time than a single night of sex can deliver, no matter how glorious.

Enjoy yourself,


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