Thanks very much to those who have purchased my eBook, “Exploring Dark Dreams: A Beginner’s Practical Guide to BDSM”, and thanks especially to those who have been willing to review it on Amazon! Here’s the most recent review in it’s entirety:

  • Intrigued and braver 🙂
    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This book was obviously written by a man who first and foremost adores his wife. And only wants the best for both of them no matter what they are doing.(“Thank you Jake! I didn’t know guys like you still existed. Joy, you are a very lucky woman”.)

    I loved that this book was written in plain simple to understand terms. There’s no lingo that has to be deciphered which is great. And the advice comes from a genuine place of trial and error. I love the honesty and the reoccurring theme that communication and trust in a relationship such as this is essential.

    I look forward to following the blog site mentioned in the book. Now, I just might have enough courage to suggest to my hubby what I’ve secretly always wanted.

    If you have been the least little bit curious about BDSM….read this book!

I very much appreciate the kind words, and I’m happy the reviewer found value in the information the book provides. Whoever wrote this, thanks again for taking the time to post it to Amazon for others to read!

Enjoy yourself,


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