Recipe for Airtight

After my post on inflatables a couple weeks ago, I got a request for more information about how Joy and I use inflatable toys in our adventures. What better way to honor this request than to post an adventure recipe? I haven’t done one of these for awhile and may be a bit rusty on the format, but hopefully it will prove educational nonetheless.

For those who may not be aware, the word “airtight” has a specific meaning in the world of kinky sex. It means that all three, primary female orifices are filled at the same time. There is nothing subtle about this adventure. It is designed to first create a sense of helplessness in your partner, and then quickly and rather emphatically overload her pleasure circuits, to the point that she is utterly drained by the time it ends. For that reason, and because it requires the use of an anal plug that becomes more severe as it inflates, it is not suitable for beginners or those who have not experienced anal play.

“Airtight” has more complex equipment requirements than most of my previous recipe suggestions, but that’s because it’s specifically focused on the use of several inflatable toys. Be aware that inflatable gags become one of the small subset of gags that cannot be easily spit out when they are pumped up–therefore, they can present a safety hazard and care should be taken when using them. As always, I have written from the perspective of a male Dominant with a female submissive partner. However, you could easily modify this particular scene to fit a male sub, with the obvious difference being that males have only two orifices to fill.

You Will Need:

  • One inflatable gag
  • One inflatable dildo (vibration optional)
  • One inflatable anal plug (vibration optional), or you could use a second inflatable dildo if you prefer
  • One blindfold (optional)
  • One set of wrist cuffs
  • One set of ankle cuffs
  • Connection points to enable you to bind your partner spreadeagled on a bed or other comfortable surface
  • Four snap hooks
  • One vibrator suitable for clitoral stimulation (the more effective, the better–I suggest a Magic Wand style, but other types can also work)
  • Condoms (optional, but always recommended for use with inflatable dildos and plugs)


Cover the plug and dildo with a condom each before you start. You may find it best to put the condom over the entire dildo/plug rather than stopping at the base of the shaft. That way it won’t slip off. You may wear whatever you are comfortable in for this adventure. Your partner, however, should be nude before you begin. Though not strictly required, probably it’s best to keep your equipment under cover until you have placed the blindfold on your partner.

  1. Spend some time preheating your partner until she is nice and warm and relaxed. Place the cuffs on her wrists and ankles and buckle them snugly as you do so. Turn your partner over onto her belly and focus on her bottom. Remember, you will need your partner to be able to accommodate the uninflated anal plug, which even in it’s deflated state can be a little challenging without preparation. Rub and caress her behind to help her relax.
  2. Place the blindfold over your partner’s eyes.
  3. Lubricate your partner’s anus. Insert one of your fingers and move it gently in and out of her bottom. When she has become accustomed to a single finger, add a second, so that you are thrusting two fingers into her behind.
  4. When your two fingers are gliding easily in and out, take the anal plug, thoroughly lubricate it, and gently insert it into your partner’s bottom. Once it’s seated firmly in place, give it a single pump to ensure that it will remain in place.
  5. Insert the inflatable gag into your partner’s mouth. Buckle it tightly around her head.
  6. Turn your partner onto her back and place her in the center of the bed. Extend her arms and legs and attach each wrist and ankle cuff to a connector at the corner of the bed. Leave a little slack in the leg connections so that your partner’s knees can come up, but not nearly enough to allow her to close her legs. When you are done, your blindfolded and gagged partner should be bound spreadeagled on the bed, with her bottom plugged.
  7. Use your fingers and tongue to ensure that your partner’s vagina is well-lubricated. If necessary, apply additional lubricant. Then, insert the inflatable dildo and give it a couple pumps to help it stay in place. If it has a tendency to work its way out, you may need to hold it in with your hand.
  8. Now you have completed your preparation and the fun can begin in earnest. Tell your partner that you are going to make her body completely full, so full that she is airtight. Give each of the inflatables a single pump, and count it off, “One”. Apply the vibrator gently, softly, on low speed to her clitoris. Be careful that you do not bring her to orgasm this early in the adventure. After perhaps thirty seconds of clitoral stimulation, ask her if she feels full. Regardless of whether she indicates yes or no, tell her that she is “not full enough, not nearly full enough”. Judiciously keep the vibrator going a little longer, but again, do not let your partner come.
  9. Remove the vibrator, and then give the inflatables a second pump, each in turn. Count it off–“Two”. At this point there should be no problem–the inflatables are still fairly small–but watch your partner carefully just in case. If you observe any distress, deflate the offending toy immediately. Apply the vibrator again, and while doing so, tell her “Getting fuller…but you still have a long way to go before you’re as full as you can get”. Make sure she is well-and-truly excited before you stop this time, but once again, do not let her reach a climax.
  10. Keep going in this fashion–count off a pump for each of the inflatables, then apply the vibrator–until your partner approaches the capacity of her bodily orifices and she is truly frantic with desire and the need to come. Be smart and err on the side of caution–don’t go too many pumps, especially the first time you perform this adventure! Joy, who is experienced, maxes out at about six or seven pumps, but I’d suggest stopping at three the first time. “Now you’re nice and full, aren’t you? Now you’re airtight!”
  11. When you reach what you decide should be the final round, continue on with the vibrator. Tease your partner for a little while with it, and then begin to apply it more aggressively until you push her over the edge and into orgasm. If you’ve played out this adventure right, it ought to be a doozy. (Note: If your partner is multi-orgasmic, you could consider bringing her to orgasm in an earlier round, then continuing with the pump and vibe rotation until she comes again.)
  12. When she finishes her climax, deflate the dildo and the plug using the quick release valves, but leave the gag in place. Detach your partner’s legs from the connection points (leave her arms attached) and remove the plug and dildo. She should be extremely pliant and submissive after her experience with being “airtight”. Immediately roll her into a ball and take your pleasure in her. I suggest using her ass–it will very easily accommodate you at this point. If she can handle it, apply the vibrator again while you are inside her. See if you can make her come again while you thrust into her.
  13. Afterwards, deflate and remove the gag and release your partner’s arms. Hold her close and caress her. Let her know what a good girl she has been and how much she has pleased you.


You can choose other bondage positions besides spreadeagle for this adventure–just be sure that they make your partner helpless to resist. Good options might include a hogtie or a ball tie. Adding nipple clamps might also be an option and provide a tiny bit more stimulation. Whatever you decide to do, however, the key to this adventure is to give your partner just a little bit more than they believe they can handle (but not more than they can actually handle) so that their adrenaline kicks in and they truly cannot help but come.

Enjoy yourself,


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