Sometimes Joy needs to feel full, you know? Oh, I don’t mean the “I just had a big meal” kind of full. I mean…full, as in her body has been well-and-truly filled. I know Joy often wants and needs to feel this way, and to a certain extent, for her it’s “the fuller, the better”.

I fill Joy in many different ways. Oh, there’s the obvious way, and I fill her that way as often as I can. However, no matter what I do, that particular method is only going to fill one orifice at a time, and it’s only going to fill her so full. Sometimes Joy needs to have her capacity tested. Sometimes she craves to take just as much as she feels she can handle, and perhaps a tad bit more. In these cases, it can be advantageous to fill more than one orifice at a time, and to fill them more completely than my built-in appendage is able.

The obvious means of doing so is through the use of one or more dildos. However, an issue that must be overcome when trying to accomplish truly filling one’s partner is that it requires one to expand the partner’s orifices beyond what they are accustomed to. Joy loves to take a big, hard penis in her mouth, in her vagina or in her behind, and all three of her openings have become accustomed to doing so. Truly filling her requires going beyond “big”, and that means a certain amount of stretching is required. Not only can this be painful if done too abruptly and/or without thorough preparation, but there’s an intimidation factor to deal with. In other words, it can be a little scary.

Now, perhaps you’re saying to yourself, “If it hurts and it’s frightening, maybe it’s too much. Maybe you shouldn’t do it!” But here’s the thing…when done correctly, tying Joy down so that she is helpless, filling her completely and utterly full–just beyond what she thinks she can handle–and then briefly but repeatedly applying a vibrator to the right spot leads to an escalating series of explosive orgasms, leaving her absolutely drained and quivering when we are done. Filling Joy completely full seems to overload her pleasure circuits, and the results are rather spectacular.

The trick is to do it right. Proceeding gradually is the key. Over time, I’ve discovered several ways to do this, and today I thought I’d discuss the simplest and easiest one. It relies on the power of inflation.

There are a large variety of inflatable products available through BDSM merchants. These include inflatable dildos, inflatable butt plugs, and inflatable gags. Some types even vibrate. They come with built-in hand pumps to fill them with air, as well as a quick release valve to enable rapid deflation when required. And all of them have one wonderful quality going for them–they start out relatively small, but gradually grow larger as they are inflated.

That quality is what makes them so effective at filling a partner fully. An inflatable anal plug doesn’t look especially large going in–it looks rather normal, actually. However, pump by pump, it grows inside Joy’s tight little bottom, each pump expanding her just that much more. After six or seven pumps, what started out as a normal plug has become something quite enormous, really, something that would have definitely intimidated Joy if it had started out that way. More than that, it achieved its size gradually, and especially if I wait for awhile between pumps to allow Joy’s bottom to get used to each increment of size, Joy can become truly full without pain.

Add in an inflatable dildo (which carries with it the same benefit) in her front entrance, and if I’m feeling a bit strict on a particular night, an inflatable gag in her mouth as well, with each one receiving its pump in turn and the vibrator playing it’s merry tune against Joy’s clitoris between rounds, and you can see how the evening will end on a high note.

If this idea appeals to you (or to your partner), I have a couple suggestions to consider when purchasing inflatable gear. First, consider vibrating options for either the plug, the dildo or both. We have a vibrating “Wonder Plug” that adds a whole new tingle to Joy’s experience when inserted. Second, for the anal plug in particular, be sure to get one with a solid core so that it remains relatively rigid going in. Plugs without a solid core are difficult to insert. And finally, I recommend using a condom over both the inflatable plug and dildo–it makes cleanup easier, as well as removing any possibility of the toys leaving behind a “rubber” taste on your partner’s private areas.

I’d also caution you to be a bit careful with inflatables. They truly can create an intense feeling of submission in your partner when used properly–after all, imagine something growing larger deep inside you, stretching and filling you more and more at the whim of your partner. You have no control–you have ceded it to your Dominant half, and you trust that they will know what is safe, what you can handle, and when they should stop. Now imagine that your Dominant half doesn’t know when to stop, or is overly enthusiastic and chooses to push things beyond your physical capacity. At a minimum, that experience would be terrifying, and it could truly lead to physical harm. My suggestion would be to err on the side of caution and gradually increase the number of pumps over several sessions as your partner and their body become more used to being “expanded”. Joy and I started out with four our first time, for instance.

Enjoy yourself,


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