I do believe that there is nothing that Joy likes better in the entire world than a nice, hard penis in her bottom. Oh, she likes nice, hard penises in general, and can enjoy them most any way, but in her bottom is, hands down, her favorite. Add a vibrator around front, and we are set for waves of bliss, pounding in one after the other, like the surf after a storm at sea.

I must confess that I, too, like to have a nice, hard penis in Joy’s behind. It’s best when it’s mine, naturally, but we men…well, we can only last so long before the eruption occurs, if you know what I mean. Joy, though—she could literally go for hours without stopping, and I know this is true from experience.

This mis-match in duration is easily solved, of course, through the use of various dildos and vibrators, and we have a large stock of each that I keep in easy reach just in case the need arises. Unsurprisingly it arises quite frequently—it’s amazing how quickly we can go through a bottle of lube around here. And this keeps both Joy and I happy, even after my own personal charge has been spent.

Recently, however, I have been experimenting with Joy’s desire to be filled beyond simple anal intercourse. In the past, I have sometimes required her to wear an anal plug as she went about her daily routine…sometimes for four hours, and sometimes longer. Results on this were mixed. It created a sense of excitement to be sure, but it also created an accompanying feeling of frustration that got in her way during the course of the day. Joy likes her desires to be gratified immediately, and being kept in a state of excitement while having to wait is hard for her. I’m the patient one in this particular marriage.

Over the past couple months, though, I have been putting her to bed plugged. Oh, it’s not every night, and I can’t tell you exactly what governs which nights are a go and which nights are not. Basically, it’s when I feel like it…and that’s my prerogative.

Originally we started with a small, comfortable plug, but I’ve been moving gradually to larger models over time. Sometimes it will be a standalone butt plug, and other times I will wear one of our strap-ons, insert it, and then Joy and I will cuddle close in spoon position so that I can hold her until she goes to sleep. Joy likes to be held when she is falling asleep, and the contrast of tenderness with the brazen sexuality of being deeply and thoroughly penetrated and having no say in the matter is a nice one.

Initially Joy had reservations about this practice. “I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep,” she worried. This has proven not to be the case, however. If she’s been well-used already, she falls asleep right away—no surprise there. However, even on a night when we have done zero fooling around (yes, that does occasionally happen, even in our household), there’s something about being plugged and held close that seems to help her drift away. It’s especially effective when I cuff her hands to her collar to demonstrate that there will be no way she can remove the plug herself—that seems to remove temptation and let her relax.

Staying asleep can be another matter, though. Sometimes the plug wakes Joy up—it can start to become painful after awhile, especially if it’s a big one. And sometimes, when I am wearing the strap-on and filling Joy from behind, I wake Joy up myself by beginning to move inside her, slowly and deeply, until she is both roused and aroused. It’s lovely to feel her come awake in my arms, feel her reluctance be replaced excitement as her round bottom starts to press back against me to take me deeper inside. We may not get much sleep on nights like those, but sometimes sleep isn’t the most important thing…

Enjoy yourself,


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