As you might have guessed based on the name of this blog, I love leather. This is true for leather cuffs, certainly, but it’s also true for other things. I have bought many leather articles for Joy, including panties, various bras, belts, a paddle, a flogger…all kinds of leather items see use in our playroom. Frankly, leather = sexy to me in many, many cases.

Leather boots are no exception.

I’m not sure just what the magic is that they possess. It has something to do with how they look, I think, though certainly the feel and the scent of leather can be enticing as well. But when I see a woman wearing leather boots and a skirt…well, the effect is exhilarating. Joy has several pairs, ranging from dressy to casual to downright slutty with a not-so-subtle BDSM flair. She doesn’t wear that last pair out in public, but they have made several appearances behind closed doors.

A pair of slender legs protruding from a short skirt and clad in knee-high leather just cry out to me to be spread. Those boot heels beg to be pointed up to the ceiling or used as handles to part the thighs of their owner. There are few sights more alluring than Joy, wearing her denim skirt and her brown, leather boots reclining on the bed, the hem of the skirt riding just high enough to make me wonder whether she neglected to wear her knickers today.

Boots also work well when their owner wears no other clothing at all (see picture for an example). The dramatic contrast between supple leather and bare skin somehow makes the accompanying nakedness more egregious. Joy wearing nothing but boots makes for outstanding viewing, and I frequently arrange for her to wear exactly this costume.

Speaking practically, boots also offer the capability to bind the ankles more tightly while worrying less about the comfort of the wearer. They protect their owner’s delicate skin from abrasion by rope or metal cuffs (though the boots themselves may suffer a bit) and therefore allow for a wider variety of ankle restraints. A cuffed set of booted ankles spread wide by ropes or chains makes a pretty sight indeed.

Okay, let’s be honest. I can’t explain their magic—not really. I just think women in leather boots are very sexy. If you don’t already have a pair in your BDSM wardrobe, I highly recommend you go boot-shopping. As an added bonus, you can even wear them around town or to work! It’s like a two-for-one special, and nobody will be the wiser about the real reason you bought them!

Enjoy yourself,


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