You know, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference…

  • Asking your partner, “Are you comfortable?” before you apply the business end of the crop to her upturned bottom
  • Working that last inch of slack out of the corset laces before you tie them off
  • Making certain that the wrist cuffs match the ankle cuffs, because you wouldn’t want her not to match
  • Adding the word “please” to make an instruction sound a bit more polite: “Now open your legs, please, so that I can be certain you came out without your panties”
  • Thoughtfully brushing away a stray hair that has gotten into your partner’s mouth right before you come in it
  • Tightening the nipple clamps that final turn
  • Adding a smiley when you text your partner to tell her she’s earned a demerit
  • Reminding your partner that it’s her responsibility to count, and it’s not your fault if she’s lost track and you have to start over
  • Inserting the penis gag carefully so as not to smudge her lipstick
  • Trying to even out the spanks so that neither cheek is left feeling neglected
  • Using your finger to trace a heart shape in the semen you just left on her belly
  • Never for a minute doubting that she can always come one more time if you push just the right buttons
  • Holding her close and telling her how much you love her before you fall asleep

Enjoy yourself,


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