My own personal favorite tool for spanking my wife’s bottom is my bare hand. There’s a particularly satisfying “thwack” when it comes down on Joy’s behind, and I love the feeling of her soft skin under my palm and the way she jumps when I land just right. Plus, when I have her over my lap and the quarters are close, other implements tend to be cramped or crowded. My hand works best when we are up close and personal.

However, Joy feels differently, I believe. After a considerable amount of experimentation, I believe she has settled on the flogger we purchased from Conina as her absolute favorite implement for spanking. As she reported out a few weeks ago, it was the item she chose when I required her to pick a tool to be spanked with. After a couple late-night discussions on the topic, I believe I understand why she likes it so well.

The flogger is a gentle tool. I know that its name doesn’t sound gentle–the word “flogging” conjures up images of medieval punishments. However, a BDSM flogger is not the cat o’ nine tails you may fear. Instead, its “falls” (the strands that hang from the handle) have little individual bite to them when they connect–they don’t weigh enough for that. Instead of biting, they slowly build up a heat in Joy’s bottom that eventually turns to a burn. And because it’s a gradual escalation, it allows her to slowly relax into the spanking, sinking down into it bit by bit. Other tools, including my hand, are a tad more abrupt.

Now, I can certainly appreciate the benefits of the flogger, and due to its gradual approach, I have begun to use it frequently as a warm up tool. Once Joy has reached the proper frame of wind under the flogger’s tender ministrations, I then move on to other instruments…my hand, or a paddle, or the Viper’s Tongue. Because she’s already been properly pre-heated, Joy’s bottom can accept their somewhat rougher attentions more readily. And that way we’re both happy.

But I have lately discovered an additional use for the flogger that is catapulting it into a primary position in our spanking arsenal. Joy has historically been very reluctant to be spanked anywhere other than on her bottom. Oh, true, I have forced the issue upon occasion and required her to spread her legs to allow me to spank her vulva. That has been only a rare occurrence, though, and spanking other targets–notably her breasts–was something she’s always been very afraid of.

The soft and gentle approach of the flogger has, however, allowed me to begin a slow exploration of Joy’s body, allowing its tendrils to trace a path beyond Joy’s rear end and over her thighs, up her back, under her arm and around around to her breasts. It is quite the exhilarating experience to watch Joy’s nipples grow fiercely erect under the flogger’s fingers as she stands beneath the hook in our playroom ceiling, her hands bound high over her head to fully expose her body. We remain in the very beginning stages of our exploration, but this direction definitely promises excitement for both of us as we move forward. So, the flogger is rising in the hierarchy of our spanking tools. Whereas I once thought it was too soft and low-intensity, I’ve developed a new appreciation for its talents.

Lucky flogger…it gets to kiss Joy all over her body…

Enjoy yourself,


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