Recipe for Learning to Swallow

Back when Joy and I were vanilla, Joy had an issue with oral sex. Oh, it wasn’t the sucking part—she was fine with that. But she didn’t like for me to ejaculate in her mouth, and if I did so, she really didn’t like to swallow. As we began down the path of BDSM, it became clear that she wanted to learn to swallow (okay, what she actually wanted was to be MADE to swallow), but she didn’t like the taste and sensation of semen in her mouth. Eventually, with practice, Joy overcame this distaste, and I’d say at this point that being made to swallow holds some of the same attraction as a spanking—it’s not particularly enjoyable in the moment, but the feeling of submission it engenders is wonderful. Today’s adventure comes from one of the practice sessions we held to help her reach this point.

Because it involves the use of a gag, it is wise to have a “safe gesture” in place for this scenario. The adventure was written from a male Dominant/female submissive perspective, but could be modified somewhat to work with a male-male couple if desired. I’m afraid that for obvious reasons it won’t work as well for female Dominants.

You Will Need:

  • One set of comfortable cuffs
  • One snap hook
  • A ring gag of sufficient girth to allow you to insert your penis through it


I’d suggest your partner wear a babydoll nightgown for this scene—it’s decorative, and yet leaves her lower half fully available for use. You may choose to go a different direction if desired, as long as nothing she wears obstructs penetration. I’d suggest starting with a pair of boxer briefs for your own costume—that way you’ll be quickly ready for action.

Lay out your equipment before you start so that it is immediately handy. No need to place it out of sight—your partner won’t be able to deduce much from seeing it, and in this case, it doesn’t much matter if she figures out what you’re up to in advance.

  1. Preheat your partner nicely with kisses and caresses. Why? Because it’s always better to start with a warm oven!
  2. Buckle the cuffs around each of your partner’s wrists. Continue preheating as you do so.
  3. Lay your partner on her back, then draw her knees up to her chest. Bring her arms up around her legs and fasten her wrist cuffs together behind her knees with the snap hook. When you are done, she should be in a loose ball-tie position (see picture above).
  4. The ball tie nicely exposes your partner’s genital area. Take advantage of this for a moment or two by exploring her lower half with your tongue.
  5. When you are through with your exploration, insert the ring gag into her mouth, then gently lift her head and fasten the straps nice and tight around the back. The gag should be held securely in her mouth when you are through.
  6. Now, with your partner in position, it’s time to focus on increasing her submissive mindset for a few moments. Give her a slow, but thorough, spanking. The ball-tie position not only makes her bottom available but allows you to utilize her legs for leverage if she starts to wiggle. Do not stop until your are certain that the spanking has clearly conveyed the message that you may do as you please with her.
  7. When you are done, use her legs to turn her to face you and mount her. Take your time and enjoy her vagina. If desired, you may enjoy her ass instead. Continue moving inside her until you are very close to your orgasm. Do not come yet, however!
  8. When you are on the very edge of orgasm, pull out and move to her head, using her legs to help position her appropriately. Grasp her hair to hold her head immobile, then insert your penis through the ring gag into her mouth. Now go ahead and come. If you need to use your hand to masturbate a bit to get you over the last fence to your climax, that’s fine. Just be sure that your penis is through the gag and in the depths of her mouth before you let go.
  9. Instruct your partner to swallow the come in her mouth. Hold her head in position, using her hair as a handle to prevent her from turning to the side to let the semen dribble out. Be careful that she does not choke, but be firm that you require her to swallow.
  10. Afterwards, remove the gag and free her wrists and let her know that you are proud of her. Hold her close until you are both calm and peaceful.


Because this adventure is meant to leverage a strong sense of submission, there are no steps other than the pre-heating focused on giving pleasure to your partner. Instead, the instructions focus on setting up a situation where you use your partner for your own pleasure and she is helpless to do anything but submit. If you prefer, you could certainly introduce a vibrator or other toy and devote some time to helping her to an orgasm of her own, but it will definitely change the feeling of the adventure.

Certainly other bondage positions would work for this scene, but I like the ball-tie because of the advantages it provides. It is quick to set up and requires very little equipment, and it offers a deceptively strong amount of control. In a good ball-tie, the bound party has very little ability to move, and the legs provide an excellent source of leverage to twist and turn your partner about to meet your needs. In addition, the fact that it places your partner on her back looking up ensures that gravity will help the inexorable slide of your semen down her throat, while the gag prevents her from being able to spit it out.

Enjoy yourself,


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