Do you know what really turns me on?

This is going to take a little build up to explain, so please bear with me.

I was brought up to view women as existing on a pedestal. They were beautiful and graceful, soft and caring, quiet and innocent, demure and soft-spoken. When I was old enough to know about and understand sex, my mental image of the activity consisted of the female partner letting the male partner have his way with her. I didn’t picture the woman as an active participant in the sex act, but instead one that at most enjoyed herself passively, permitting the man to take her. Even after I had been to bed with a girlfriend or two and knew that it truly does take two to tango, still I could never see completely past my idealized concept of “woman”. Females could not possibly desire or experience sex to the same level or in the same way as a males…could they?

Clearly I was doing it wrong.

These days, it is quite clear to me that a woman can and often does desire and enjoy and become consumed by sex just as much as (and sometimes I suspect even more than) a man. I’ve had a hand in demonstrating that phenomena many times at this point! And yet, somehow I can’t entirely shake that original “woman on a pedestal” viewpoint…beautiful, innocent, demure…

When that mental image is torn to pieces, when a woman becomes so aroused, so extremely excited that her graceful and demure exterior is completely overwhelmed by passion and desire, that’s the thing that really turns me on. Sweat beads between her breasts, her legs clutch tight around her partner, her face screws up into a grimace of lust and pleasure, and she whimpers and gasps because she cannot speak. She experiences, in short, a total sexual meltdown. The idea of a woman being so caught up in sexual pleasure that her animal nature overwhelms her façade of good manners, innocence and poise speaks powerfully to me, and on the occasions when I am able to bring Joy to that point, it makes me feel almost triumphant.

I’m not always successful with helping her achieve that state, I’m afraid. A number of factors, some within my control and others without, can get in the way. But really, it’s better that I don’t always succeed. If it was too easy and too commonplace, it wouldn’t be as fun.

Bondage is a great tool to enhance the prospects of achieving the sexual meltdown that I describe. In an odd way, it frees the bound partner from responsibilities for their actions—they can’t help what happens because they are tied up, so they don’t have guilt to overcome. More than that, I’ve found that some women, Joy included, are a little afraid of reaching the sexual meltdown state, and can tend to flee from it by pushing a hand, vibrator, or even a whole partner away to let themselves calm down. When the female partner is strictly bound, however, they can’t push anything away, and that fact has allowed me to keep Joy twisting and writhing in both her bonds and extreme passion for multiple climaxes over most of an hour upon occasion.

No need to worry, though—when Joy calms back down afterwards, she returns to her normal self—demure, graceful and poised. That’s good…it makes it all the more exciting the next time I’m able to free the animal lust that lives inside her lovely exterior! Just another service provided by your friendly dominant husband…

Enjoy yourself,


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