Recipe for Busy at Both Ends

As you might guess from the title, the point to this adventure is to simulate a situation in which your submissive partner must simultaneously satisfy two different penises, one with their mouth and the other with the opposite end of their body. Because it is a simulation, it’s best if your partner is free to use their imagination to enhance the experience—hence the requirement for a blindfold.

If you wish to stress the idea that your partner must submit to you and you expect them to obey regardless of what you require of them, slant your dialogue during the adventure in this direction. Use phrasing such as, “Do as you are told”. If you’d rather focus on the simple fun of pretending to have a threesome, that’s okay, too—just lighten the dialogue up and have fun. Joy and I, of course, took the former direction, but either way is fine—it depends entirely on what you prefer.

Like usual, I’m writing this from the perspective of a male Dominant with a female submissive partner. It’s certainly possible to reverse the roles and genders, but if the Dominant partner is female, a strap on dildo should be added to the list of required equipment.

You Will Need:

  • 1 blindfold
  • 1 suction-cup dildo
  • a hard, smooth surface on which to affix the dildo (note that the surface must be positioned so that the dildo can stick to it at about head-height for your partner when she is on all fours—we have a full-length mirror on the wall that works well)


This is one scene in which stimulating your partner’s breasts does not necessarily play a large role, so it is an excellent opportunity to break out a pretty bra, an over-bust corset or other lingerie that covers your partner’s nipples. This sort of lingerie always seems to come off very quickly in our house, but this adventure provides a chance to leave it on and enjoy how lovely your partner looks wearing it. You may dress yourself however you see fit to start, but you’ll likely end up naked before the scene is through.

It’s probably best to keep the suction-cup dildo close by, but out of sight so that your partner doesn’t see it in advance. Note that some suction-cup dildos (like ours) are made of rubber, which may leave a bad taste in your partner’s mouth. Use of a condom over the dildo will prevent this, as well as add a fun touch of realism to the proceedings.

  1. Thoroughly and completely preheat your partner. Employ whatever methods you choose to accomplish this (ours included a good spanking, but your mileage may vary), but be sure she is at a full-on broil by the time you move on to the next step.
  2. Tell your partner that you want her to be a good girl, and then slide the blindfold over her head. Adjust it to be sure her vision is fully blocked.
  3. Fix the suction-cup dildo to the smooth surface at the appropriate height. Tell your partner that you owe a friend a favor, and she will need to take care of it for you. Lead her to the correct spot and guide her down onto her hands and knees. Direct her head to the dildo and tell her you expect her to suck your friend off.
  4. While she begins sucking, take the opportunity to admire her rear end, using your hands and tongue to perform the admiration. Feel free to deliver a bit of spanking if you like (I know I did!), especially if she shows hesitation to begin her task.
  5. When your partner has settled into her job, enter her from behind. You may use either of her two orifices, though the angle will likely be better for her vagina (and if you go with her ass, be sure to apply lube first).
  6. Thrust in and out of your partner for as long as you can last, allowing her to savor the push-me-pull-you effect of having a cock in both ends. When you can’t hold off anymore, go ahead and take your own pleasure.
  7. Afterwards, hold her close and talk about the experience and how she felt having to satisfy two penises at once. If she did not reach her own orgasm, now might be a good time to see if you can rectify that situation—she’s already well warmed-up, and the conversation will likely only serve to make her hotter.


If you choose to keep the dialogue during the adventure light in tone, this scene can actually be good for a beginner couple. While the idea of being “made” to give oral sex to a friend can seem extreme, the fact that it’s simulation may serve to trigger the hot fantasy part of the scenario while leaving the fear part behind. In fact, this could be a good baby step to use in working towards a real threesome experience, if that is your desire.

Incorporating a more Dominant tone, especially when coupled with corporal punishment, can make the scenario appropriate for more experienced players. Those desiring to go this direction could consider adding a leash and using it to lead the submissive partner on all fours over to the dildo before the sucking commences.

Enjoy yourself,


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