Just a quick note to wish all a happy New Year! I hope that the coming year is an excellent one for all. There are signs of both hope and fear all across the globe right now–let us keep our fingers crossed that hope prevails.

And in the meantime, how about if we proclaim 2013 as the year of kinky sex? Sounds like a good plan to me!

Joy and I each made resolutions to each other last night. Joy resolved to face up to her desires rather than hiding from them, to be more willing to try new things that intimidate her, and to make a greater effort to submit, even when she isn’t feeling like she wants to. My resolutions were to do a better job holding Joy accountable for transgressions, even small ones (always an issue for me) and to not only take charge more firmly, but to insist on submission when Joy pushes back. I thing our resolutions compliment each other, so hopefully we can provide mutual support.

How successful we are with these resolutions will likely be good fodder for a future post! In the meantime…

…Enjoy yourself,


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