Joy and I are lucky enough to have a dedicated “playroom”. Oh, it wasn’t designed for that purpose—originally it was just an extra bedroom in the house—but over the years we have made some modifications that make it particularly hospitable for BDSM activities. However, sometimes it’s a good thing not to play in the playroom. Sometimes extra fun can be had by playing somewhere else.

Sure, it’s possible to leverage the other rooms in the house, and that can be interesting as well, but in this case I’m talking about leaving the house entirely. Let’s face it—people are comfortable in their own homes. In fact, that sense of comfort is precisely what turns a house into a home in the first place! But part of the fun BDSM brings comes from taking one’s partner outside their comfort zone, and one way to accomplish this is through relocating one’s adventures. Tying up your submissive partner or making them submit to a spanking somewhere outside your house can be quite effective in getting their adrenaline pumping.

This actually works very well for a surprise adventure. Here’s an example from our own life a couple years ago:

It was right around the holidays (which is what made me think of this). We both had to work the Friday before Christmas, and for a treat, I suggested to Joy that she meet me at a restaurant close to my place of employment for dinner that night. The restaurant also happened to be located across the street from a hotel. Mid-afternoon I took a quick break from working, dropped by the hotel and checked into a room. I dropped off an overnight bag holding some necessary supplies (cuffs, etc.), placing it close to the door where it would be handy, and then went back to work. I had, of course, said nothing about the hotel to Joy.

Joy met me at the restaurant, looking lovely in the skirt and blouse she wore to her office that day, and we had a nice meal. At no time did I hint that there was anything other than dinner in the offing. But after paying the bill, I did not escort Joy back to her car. Rather, I took her by the hand and led her across the street to the hotel. As we waited for the light to change, she asked where we were going. I placed my finger across her lips and replied, “No questions.”

The hotel was the kind where you can enter the building from an exterior door without going through the lobby, so we were quickly in the room. My goal was to keep Joy off balance and outside her comfort zone for the duration of the adventure, so I performed the following tasks quickly and with no preamble:

  1. Unbuttoned and removed Joy’s blouse
  2. Unfastened the clasp of Joy’s bra and exposed her bare breasts
  3. Cuffed Joy’s hands behind her back (her eyes became wide and her nipples rather stiff at this point)
  4. Slid Joy’s panties down her legs and wadded them into a ball, then pushed them into her mouth and fastened them in place with a leather strap I had brought with me
  5. Turned Joy over my knee and administered a brief but sound spanking (by now she was breathing very rapidly and her nipples were fully erect—she confessed later that she was deathly afraid that someone would hear the spanking through the hotel walls)
  6. Laid her face down on the bed, applied a helping of lubricant, spread her cheeks, mounted her and then, after a pleasurable interval, deposited my semen deep inside her snug little ass.

Performed at home, this rather simple adventure would have been fun but unremarkable. However, being gagged, spanked and fucked in the ass in the unfamiliar environs of a hotel room with no advance notice to prepare her mindset both terrified and exhilarated Joy, and resulted in an evening of quite spectacular fun. The combination of surprise and foreign territory turned routine into magic for one night.

Since that time, Joy and I have had various adventures in a hotel room quite a few times, and sadly, the magic of unfamiliarity it once provided has faded. However, if this idea is new to you, you can still take advantage of the excitement it offers. And even if hotels are been-there-done-that for you as well, the idea of trying out a strange location is still worth considering. Hotels are easy, but there are other possibilities. Once the weather turns warmer again, I’m thinking about pitching a tent in the backyard and seeing how magical that can be…

Enjoy yourself,


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