Sometimes it’s nice to enter the house through the front gate. The lawn is nicely trimmed, and the door swings open wide and welcomes you right into the warm and comfortable interior. Other times it can be fun to enter through the back door—it’s less accessible and feels more as though one is being let into a private entrance, one usually kept locked and barred. Either way, it’s wonderful to be inside. But it can sometimes be difficult to choose which route to use on a given night.

As I’m certain you’ve realized by now, I’m not really talking about gates and doors and houses.

Joy’s “front gate” is always ready. Though she’s rather proper and keeps it firmly closed to other passersby, it is always open to me. When she parts her legs, I find her moist and warm, and it just feels good to slide inside her. I like Joy’s vagina very much…no, that’s not strong enough. I love Joy’s vagina, and it pleases me to make it feel happy, to make it feel fulfilled. Honestly, most nights, if all things are equal, I’d be happiest to deposit my sperm in the depths of her pussy.

However, her “back door” offers tantalizing possibilities as well. Oh, it can be harder to enter, but it’s at least as willing to be filled as her pussy. It’s dark and deep and has a firm grasp around me as I sink inside, and it squeezes and spasms as I ride her. Coming in Joy’s ass isn’t as intimate as coming in her vagina somehow, but in some ways, it is even more exciting. As I said, choosing the option in which to end the evening can be quite difficult.

I know which entrance Joy would select. I know there are female readers out there who are skeptical about anal sex, and who have a hard time imagining that it could be enjoyable. Please allow me to disabuse you of that notion. Joy would choose the rear entrance every time. Oh, she likes vaginal sex very much, and is happy to give herself to me in this way when I desire it. But in the ass…well, that’s her favorite, and it brings an entirely different level of energy to the proceedings when she feels me penetrate her dark little rosebud.

So, which should I choose tonight? You might think that I could wait and make my decision on the spur of the moment, based on the reactions I get from Joy and how I feel at the time, but no. As mentioned in other posts, I am a planner, and I want to make sure I have a clear vision of how I want this adventure to go. The clothing I instruct her to wear, the activities I choose as foreplay and the positions (if any) I choose to bind her in are all influenced by this decision—front or rear.


You know what? Right now, just sitting here typing, I had an idea. I’m going to arrange things specifically so that I can leave the decision open, so that both choices are completely available. And then, when it comes time to select one, I’m going to stop and say to Joy (who I believe I’ve just decided will be wearing a gag at the time to ensure she will be unable to respond) , “Hmmm….pussy or ass…which should I choose to come in? That’s a tough choice, and it’s really hard to pick! I’m afraid I’ll just have to flip a coin.”

And then, while she’s watching, I will flip a coin. If it comes up heads, I’ll take her pussy, and if it comes up tails, I’ll fill her ass. I’ll make my decision on how to use her body completely arbitrarily, based solely on the flip of a coin. Joy will have no say in the matter whatsoever. I believe we’ll both enjoy that.

There, problem solved! I guess it wasn’t that difficult after all.

Enjoy yourself,


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