I’m looking for fun ideas for Christmas presents for Joy. Well, let me clarify: I’m looking for a few, fun ideas for naughty Christmas presents for Joy and I to share this holiday season. While it’s certainly possible for me to browse the various different BDSM equipment, lingerie and sex toy sites, I thought there might be a better way to hone in on “interesting” products we might like. I thought I’d ask you for help!

Is there a vibrator that absolutely drives you crazy? Or a set of nipple clamps that sends you right over the edge? Do you have a particular paddle that you swear by, or a set of comfortable-but-inescapable cuffs that you use to make your partner helpless? If you do, or if you have some other fun toy or tool or piece of lingerie you think is great and that we might like, would you please suggest it in the comments to this post?

I’ll take a look at all suggestions–links would be appreciated if they are available. Hopefully I’ll get some good ideas to surprise Joy with! And feel free to browse other comments when you leave your own–there might be ideas for you to consider as well.

Thank you in advance to all who make suggestions! Joy and I will be very appreciative!

Enjoy yourself,


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