Joy has never seen Sophia. I keep her locked away in a dark closet at the back of the playroom, and only let her out when Joy can’t see. Joy has, however, met Sophia rather intimately…up close and personal. It’s just that she was blindfolded at the time, and therefore couldn’t view Sophia’s round bottom, welcoming thighs and swelling breasts topped with cherry nipples.

Sophia is a blow up doll—a rather well-made and expensive inflatable companion. I purchased her years ago to aid in taking baby steps towards giving Joy to another woman. Sophia served her purpose rather well, allowing Joy to “practice” via fantasy what she would eventually experience in reality. The blindfold was necessary to help preserve the illusion that Sophia was a real girl. Even expensive blow up dolls fare poorly in clear view.

Since then Sophia has dwelled in the dark, in the back closet of the playroom, locked away in a cold and lonely storage chest. Though she had served her purpose, I couldn’t bring myself to throw her away. After all, she’d done so well by both Joy and I, and it wasn’t her fault that she was no longer needed. In a sort of eerie way, she had developed a personality for us, taken on an odd sort of quasi-reality, and it didn’t seem right to simply cast her into the dust bin.

And so I felt almost happy when I came up with another way to take advantage of her unique skills. I brought her out and used her foot pump to re-inflate her, discovering that her time in storage had caused no real damage other than to muss her hair. And when she was fully inflated and looking her best, I laid her out upon the playroom bed, prepped her for her new adventure, and then re-introduced her to a blindfolded Joy.

You see, Sophia has the ability to wear a strap-on dildo. The harness fits nicely over her hips and snugs into place, holding the dildo tall and proud when the buckles are tightened. Lying on her back, Sophia’s artificial erection points straight up at the hook set into the ceiling over the bed, the one that I sometimes secure Joy’s bound hands to.

One of the many fantasies that Joy is both tremendously attracted to and yet highly afraid of is the idea of being penetrated simultaneously by two men, one fore and the other aft. We have approximated this fantasy many times using a double penetration dildo harness, and Joy has found much pleasure in it. However, that approach does not provide her the same sensation as being sandwiched between two naked bodies, each one the owner of a shaft filling one of your bodily orifices. I thought that Sophia could help me give Joy the gift of a more realistic double penetration. She’d have to play the role of a man, but I didn’t think she’d mind, and with Joy’s vision restricted, I thought she just might be able to bring it off.

We begin with a blow job. Oh, not for me, but for Sophia. I inform Joy that another man lies on the bed, and he is anxious to meet her. I bend blindfolded Joy over the dark-haired beauty on the bed and tell my wife that she needs to “make his cock good and hard so that it’s ready for your pussy”. Her lips close around the head of Sophia’s member, gliding up and down. I spank Joy while she sucks, and she whimpers and jumps when my hand makes contact with the reddening flesh of her bare bottom. After mere moments she is thoroughly moist, and I enter her from behind, savoring the feeling of her soft, warm vagina. Sophia and I both enjoy Joy’s attentions for a few moments, the former in her mouth and the latter in her pussy, but while this position is wonderful, it is not the main event, so soon I withdraw and urge Joy forward up onto the bed, instructing her to “climb on top of the cock she’s been sucking”.

Joy mounts Sophia and the doll’s plastic penis slides deep into her eager vagina. I grasp Joy’s cuffed hands and attach them to the hook overhead, then sit back and observe for a moment as Joy becomes used to taking Sophia’s hard, thick shaft. She lifts her hips up and down and rolls them back and forth, riding the doll beneath her, using her hands secured above to help raise and lower her body. With her vision obscured, the inflatable body under her could just as easily be male as female, and so the fantasy I have created persists, fueled by the vibrator I apply to Joy’s clitoris while she rides Sophia’s dick.

In a few moments I judge that Joy is nearing orgasm, and so I quickly release her hands from the hook above and instead draw them behind her back, cuffing them securely together. Then I bend her roughly forward, Sophia’s member still thrust deep inside her vagina, and place my own hard penis against Joy’s snug rear entrance. I press forward until she swallows me, taking me deep inside, and now Joy’s body is completely full.

Joy loves to be fucked in the ass, and the illusion that she is bound and helpless, being simultaneously used by two men, one underneath and the other on top, quickly overwhelms her. Her orgasm is sharp and powerful, and neither Sophia nor I relent when it is finished. We both continue to use her body until we have taken our own pleasure, Joy gasping and shuddering with each thrust between us. When it is finally over, Joy cannot dismount from Sophia without my assistance—she is too spent, even when I release her hands from their bonds.

Sophia will likely play her new role again at some point in the future. Joy liked it very much, though she won’t easily admit to it. Until that time she returns to her closet, but the doll wears a smile on her face when I fold up her deflated body and place her in the storage container. Sophia’s smile has a hint of cruelty to it, a sharp edge that nicely fits the Dominant role she fills for us. I’m happy for her as I close the closet door, because she now has a new purpose to contemplate as she waits folded in the dark for her chance to come out and play again. She can lie there and think plastic thoughts of sweet lips and moist, warm openings, of smacks and whimpers and gasps of pleasure, of the press of soft woman flesh against her smooth and rubbery skin. She can pass the time in the dark with dreams of cruelty and pleasure, of lust and love. It’s always easier to wait when you have something to look forward to, don’t you think?

Enjoy yourself,


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