Many Dominants have instituted a list of rules for their submissive partner to follow. The rules detail what the submissive will and will not do within the relationship, and sometimes there are quite a number of them. Sometimes they are formally drawn up into a sort of contract, and other times they are just a list. “Fifty Shades” famously features such a list. For whatever reason, however, Joy and I have not gone in this direction. We certainly have no list that codifies our rules, and in fact, we have very few rules around our D/s to begin with.

I can count the rules we do have on one hand. We have the rule that I wrote about the other day—the one that says I may have Joy whenever I want. We have the rule that Joy must come to bed sans panties and wearing something that provides ready access to her body (so a nightgown is fine, but no pajama pants, for instance). And we have the rule that says her time of the month suspends both of the rules I just listed.

Let’s see—that’s three rules so far. We have just one more, and it’s only been in effect for about the last twelve months. It’s the rule that says that “Joy must always clean the cock that fucks her”.

The rule works as follows. After I have entered Joy and taken my pleasure in her body, she has a duty to clean my penis. She must use her mouth to perform this cleansing. She must do this every time I come in her, and she must make certain that I am thoroughly clean.

Regular readers probably know that we have a rather large dildo collection—the same rule applies to any dildo that I use to penetrate her as well. If I use one of the strap-ons to ride her, she must clean it afterwards. If we use the suction cup dildo to simulate a second partner taking her from behind as she sucks me off, then she must clean both it and me afterwards. Joy must “always clean the cock that fucks her.

This rule has three benefits. The first and most obvious one is that it is incredibly sexy to watch Joy go down on the penis she’s just had inside her. But while the other two may be less obvious, they are far more powerful.

Joy complying with this rule by performing the cleaning ritual with her mouth absolutely shouts submission. Joy employs her lips and tongue to thank the object that just used her for pleasure, and she does so in a way that is both pleasurable to that object’s owner as well as somewhat demeaning to her. She doesn’t do it because she derives physical pleasure from it or because she actively desires to, but because she is required to do so. I don’t need to remind her to follow through on this anymore—she knows she must always do it, and therefore needs no reminder.

In addition, the act of “cleaning the cock that fucked her” reinforces the hierarchy that we have established. By performing this act, she effectively states that she places the cleanliness of the penis ahead of the cleanliness of her own mouth—that it is above her, and she is below it. Joy loves and cherishes cocks, and this ritual allows her to demonstrate that love.

When she is done with her task, she always behaves the same way. She curls herself into a tight little ball against my chest and buries her face against me, a mouse seeking comfort in its warm nest. I think this is a way of both hiding from the act she has just performed and simultaneously reveling in the feeling of submission that washes over her. Joy is rife with internal conflicts between shame and desire, and this rule provokes them mightily.

As I said, the cleaning rule has been in place for about a year now. We have tried other rules at times (nightly maintenance spankings comes to mind) and then placed them on hiatus or let them go entirely after awhile. In most cases, I have found that always doing something isn’t as much fun as doing it when it is desired. However, this rule has stood the test of time.

Enjoy yourself,


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