Recipe for Just Say “Yes”:

This is a recipe where improvisation is definitely in order! I lay out a set of suggested steps and wording in the instructions below, but feel free to make changes and play different riffs on the overall theme when you enact it. As long as the basic premise remains the same, the result should turn out just fine.

I highly recommend having a safe word in place for this adventure—please establish one before you begin. Though I’ve written as a male Dominant with a female submissive partner, all activities here are non-gender-specific, and this will work just as well even if roles and genders are mixed and matched.

You Will Need:

  • 1 pair wrist cuffs
  • 1 or more snap hooks
  • 1 overhead connection point (or if you don’t have one, a connection point mounted at head-height or higher would be slightly awkward, but workable)
  • 1 set variable tension nipple clamps (i.e. the kind that you can tighten to increase the amount of “pinch”)
  • 1 implement for spanking (any type will work, including bare hands, but more severe is better—I used our switch when Joy and I did this)
  • a vibrator


You will need full access to your partner’s nipples, bottom and genitals for this adventure. Practically speaking, any lingerie options that provide this access will work. However, to go along with the theme of the adventure, I suggest that you might want to try to invoke a feeling of innocence with your partner’s dress. Joy wore her white, lacey, cupless bra and a very short, white crinoline skirt with nothing underneath. She looked almost angelic when we began.

You may dress however you like—I believe I started out wearing a pair of jeans and no shirt. However, this would be a good opportunity for you to break out your dungeon garb if you own any. A chain-and-leather harness would contrast nicely with your partner’s soft, innocent look.

Go ahead and lay out your equipment in full view before your partner joins you. In this case, anticipation is your friend–you’d like her to see what you have waiting for her. As a precaution, note that it is not good to leave nipple clamps on for too extended a duration, so bear that in mind and time the scenario accordingly.

  1. Your partner will need to be nicely pre-heated for this adventure. Don’t skimp on this! Use whatever tricks work best to raise her temperature setting to a toasty “bake”, and keep her there as you have the following conversation with her.
  2. Explain that you want your partner to be a very good girl tonight, and to be a good girl she must obey your instructions. Tell her that, in fact, you expect her to be strictly obedient, so much so that she has lost the ability to use the word “no” during this adventure. No matter what you ask of her, her only answer can be “yes”. Saying “no” is not allowed. When you’ve explained this, confirm that she understands.
  3. When your partner has assented, ask her politely if you may cuff her. Having just had the previous conversation, hopefully she will say “yes”! Place the cuffs around her wrists and then use the snap hook to attach them to the connection point overhead.
  4. In this position, your partner’s breasts are yours to play with. Caress them, tease her nipples up and kiss them. As you do so, ask your partner a series of questions that establish your ownership of her, questions that she can easily answer “yes” to. Examples might include such things as, “Does your body belong to me?” or “May I have this sweet ass whenever I want it?”
  5. After you’ve gotten her to answer “yes” several times, and after her nipples are fully erect from your ministrations, tell her that her nipples look like they badly want to be clamped. Ask her, “Do your nipples want to be clamped, my dear?” Guess what her answer will be!
  6. Attach the clamps to her nipples so that they are tight enough to stay on, but not overly tight. Then move on to play with another portion of your partner’s body, perhaps her bottom, for instance. As you caress her, continue to ask questions she can answer “yes” to. “Do you like it when I touch you here?” Will you do as you are told?”
  7. After several more yesses, remark that the clamps on your partner’s nipples don’t seem tight enough. “Don’t you think they need to be a little tighter, honey?” you should ask.
  8. Probably you will get a reluctant “yes” here. If you get a “no” instead, you’ll need to skip ahead to step 9 to see what to do. For the moment, let’s assume she answered with a positive. Tighten the clamp on her left nipple. Make it good and tight, enough so that she can clearly feel it. Kiss her and hold her. Caress her body. Let her nipple begin to get used to the pain of the clamp. Say, “There, now your nipple has what it wanted. Isn’t that better?” She will likely respond with a weak affirmative. Then whisper, “Oh, but your poor right nipple! It didn’t get what it wants! We should give your right nipple the same treatment we gave your left one, shouldn’t we? Isn’t that the fair thing to do?”
  9. Depending on your partner, you may continue to get yesses for awhile longer, but somewhere in here you’re going to hit a “no”. When you do, you should:
    • Immediately remind your partner that “no” is forbidden to her for this adventure, and that she promised to be a good girl and obey.
    • Take the spanking implement you have selected and deliver four or five firm strokes across her bare bottom. She needs to feel them.
    • Re-confirm with your partner that “yes” is the only answer she has available to her during this adventure.
    • Return to what you were doing before you received the “no” response and repeat the exact question she said “no” to. This time you should get a positive answer.
  10. Tighten the right nipple clamp to match the left one. Then ask, “Shall I get the vibrator, darling?” Use the vibrator to keep your partner simmering on the edge of orgasm as you continue.
  11. By now you should see the pattern here. Continue to ask your partner questions that she can answer “yes” to. “Do you like this?” “Do you want to come?” But every once in awhile ask one that she’d clearly prefer to answer with a “no” instead. Good options include:
    • ”Those clamps still look a little loose. Shall I tighten them just a bit more?”
    • ”You have such a greedy pussy”. Greedy pussies need a little spanking to teach them a lesson. Don’t you think your pussy needs to be taught a lesson, darling?”
    • ”You know, a little weight always helps a nipple clamp to do its job. Shall I hang one of these snap hooks on the chain between your nipple clamps, honey?”
    • ”And now I think a spanking is in order. I was going to give you twenty-five strokes, but now I wonder if fifty would be better. Would you prefer fifty, my dear?”

    You can probably come up with other options if you try. Any “no” response should immediately be punished as described above, and then the question should be re-asked so that your partner can answer “yes”. Continue to use the vibrator, your hands and your mouth to keep your partner’s temperature hot and her excitement level high.

  12. At some point, you (and your partner!) will have had enough. Your last question to her should be something like, “Do you want me to fuck you now, my dear?” When she responds “yes”, detach her cuffs from the overhead connection point and connect them together behind her back instead. Immediately position her however you would like for entry, mount her and ride her until you reach orgasm.
  13. Afterwards, remove the nipple clamps slowly and gently. They will hurt coming off! Hold your partner in your arms and tell her that you are proud of her for being a good girl and obeying you.


To reiterate, you don’t need to stick to the script I’ve laid out above. Feel free to improvise other questions and activities. As long as you are making your partner say “yes” to things they’d rather say “no” to, you’re keeping with the spirit of the adventure.

Note that it’s possible you’ll never get a “no” response at all. If your partner has the willpower to continue to submit for the duration, that’s a good thing. Be proud of her! The adventure will still reinforce her submission even if you never have to punish her.

Other bondage positions could certainly be used for this activity, though access to parts of your partner’s body may be obstructed. It would also be possible to spank other portions of your partner’s body—thighs or breasts, for instance. Regardless of the specific activities you choose, attempt to keep her on the border between pain and excitement, where the two sensations seem to overlap and meld. That’s the sweet spot you’re aiming for.

Enjoy yourself,


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