Guest Post by Joy…except for the title, which is pure Jake…

Jake has asked me why I like ginger so much. I try to tell him, but it is not an easy or short answer, nor is it one that I am entirely sure of. The bottom line is that I do.

I stumbled across the practice of figging quite by accident. I was looking for spanking videos in a spare minute, and all of them were looking quite the same. I don’t know how the figging video popped up; I must have typed in “anal” too. I watched with interest, but I wasn’t entirely convinced that it was anything other some decent acting on the part of the female participant. Even so, I was interested enough to do some further searching, and the information I found was intriguing. Late one night I finally found the nerve to whisper the words in Jake’s ear.

Ginger made a prompt appearance in our playroom, and has since become a regular in Jake’s arsenal. It is a welcome weapon.

When inserted into my anus, freshly peeled ginger is unlike any other aphrodisiac I have ever experienced. And I do mean aphrodisiac. The burning and intense tingling begins almost immediately – literally within seconds. And then it spreads. I am instantly wet and just aching to be fucked. There is no playing coy or hard to get; I need it and I need it now. Jake can simply have his way with me.

Ginger weakens me physically. A ginger plug in my ass makes me feel more sensitive, but also more receptive, soft and pliant, especially for spanking. Since I cannot tense my rear end without the sensations from the ginger becoming almost too extreme, my bottom is forced to relax immediately after every slap or blow, thus making the spanking more deeply felt. Subspace is easier to reach (though I am still new to subspace and we are still experimenting with it).

There is really no need for an overly large piece of ginger if you are just starting out. And there’s no need to use lubrication–ginger has enough natural lubrication when peeled that it’s not necessary, and besides, the lubricant would interfere with the sensation ginger creates. If you are anxious about using ginger for the first time, you only need a bit to press against your anal ring. That will be enough to let you know whether or not this is something for you. My bet is that it will be.

Soon you will learn that the wider the piece, the more the anal ring is stretched, and when more skin surface is exposed, the sensation intensifies. A larger piece can be contoured to stay in place without being held there. I really, really like it when Jake surprises me with a nice thick, thoughtfully carved piece of ginger and presses it home.

No need to worry about lasting affects; once the ginger is pulled out (or falls out), the tingling ends. The downside to that is that if the ginger falls out during your escapades, you will need (want) to reinsert it

Jake makes threats (or perhaps promises) to press a piece home one night, and make me sleep with it inserted. In response, I have informed him that neither of us will be getting any sleep at all that night.

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