Recipe for Hogtied and Helpless:

The hogtie is a bondage position that emphasizes helplessness. With her hands and feet gathered together and bound behind her back, this position ensures that your submissive partner can do little more than wiggle under your touch. In today’s adventure, we will further emphasize her state of helplessness with a blindfold (and optionally a gag as well) and then capitalize on it by seriously overloading her sexual circuitry.

One of the drawbacks of the hogtie position is that it makes any form of intercourse difficult. Never fear, however, as we will work around that problem by finishing up in your partner’s mouth. As usual, please note that though I’m writing from the perspective of a male Dominant with a female submissive partner, genders and roles could be changed without too much difficulty to fit your situation.

You Will Need:


For this adventure, you’ll need your partner’s nipples and genitals exposed, so she should be dressed in clothing/lingerie that facilitates this. This could be anything from an open cup bra and crotch-less panties to nothing at all—the choice is yours. You may dress yourself however you see fit—since your partner will be blindfolded, your attire is not much of a factor.

Lay out your equipment so that it is ready for use. No need to worry about keeping it out of sight—it won’t impact anything if your partner guesses what you plan for them. The only possible exception to this might be the gag if you plan to use it, and that’s only because it’s always so much fun to make your partner open her lips and take the gag when she’s not expecting it.

If you do choose to use the gag, remember to be careful of your partner’s breathing, and arrange for some sort of “safe signal” to replace your normal safe word, as she won’t necessarily be able to speak intelligibly.

  1. Begin by bringing your partner to a nice, steamy simmer with kisses and caresses. Keep raising her temperature as you attach the cuffs to her wrists and ankles.
  2. Continue to kiss her and caress her as you place the blindfold over her eyes. And then give her one final kiss before you insert the gag between her pretty lips and fasten its straps in place behind her head.
  3. Gently, but firmly, place her face down on the bed (or the couch, or the floor, or wherever you want her to lie). Bring her wrists together at the small of her back and fasten them with the hogtie (or alternatively with a rope or a snap hook, depending on which you choose to use). Then grasp her feet and pull them up and back until you can connect her ankles to her wrists using the hog tie (or the rope or a snap hook) as well. At this point she should be helpless–blindfolded, gagged and bound in the hogtie position.
  4. Now, roll your partner over until she is lying about three-quarters on her back. (Avoid making her roll over too far or she will have her weight on top of her hands and ankles, which will quickly become intolerably uncomfortable for her.) This will nicely expose her breasts and vagina, and note that because her hands and feet are bound behind her, there is very little she can do to prevent you from doing whatever you’d like to these delicious parts of her body.
  5. Use your hands and mouth to raise your partner’s temperature to a full boil. When she is gasping and squirming and fully lubricated, pick up the vibrator. This is no time for subtlety and gradual build up—turn the setting to high and apply it directly where she likes it the most.
  6. Remember I mentioned we would overload your partner’s sexual circuitry? While the vibrator is working its magic on her genitals, use your mouth and free hand to play with her nipples. Kiss them, lick them, suck them and nip them. Pinch them between your fingers and roll them back and forth. In the presence of great arousal, nipples often seem to convert pain to pleasure, and this is the effect we are going for here. Watch your partner and read her reactions to make sure you don’t go too far in this direction—you want to be sure you are giving her the “good” kind of pain. If you exceed her tolerance for this, however, you’ll cross over to the “bad” kind of pain, and that will detract from the experience rather than adding to it.
  7. If all continues to go well with the nipple play and you want to go a step further, try this. Use your finger to “flick” her erect nipple. Start out gently, and watch how she responds. If her reaction seems to be more positive (as in, “Ow, that turns me on!” rather than “Ow, that hurts!”), you can increase how hard you flick it. Joy only likes this when she’s truly excited–if she’s not extremely aroused, it hurts. But when she is in the proper state of arousal, it drives her crazy.
  8. Your goal is to give your partner multiple orgasms. In fact, ideally you’ll keep her squirming and bubbling for orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Go until you think she can’t possibly take anymore. Since she is so helpless, she won’t be able to stop you, and so will have no choice but to keep on coming. The only exception is, of course, if she uses her safe word (or safe action if you are using a gag).
  9. When you decide to stop, don’t give her time to compose herself. Instead, remove the gag (if you’re using it), then grasp her hair and position her head so that you can enter her mouth. Thrust in and out between her lips until you reach your own climax. The choice is yours whether you come in her mouth or across her face–either will work just fine.


If you’d like to emphasize the feeling of Dominance (and conversely, your partner’s feeling of submission) in this adventure, consider choosing to give your partner a facial rather than coming in her mouth. Once you’ve done so, leave her bound for a few minutes so that she’s unable to clean herself up and must lie there with your sperm on her face (but stay close by–it’s not safe for your partner to be alone when she is gagged and bound). When you decide it’s been long enough, take a cloth and gently wipe her face for her before you free her.

Other bondage positions besides the hogtie will work for this adventure as well, of course, and if you decide that intercourse is a must, you could certainly unbind your partner’s legs to make it more easily possible. Another gag alternative might be a ring gag, which would enable you to penetrate your partner’s mouth without having to stop to remove it.

Enjoy yourself,


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