Believe it or not, Bella from DD and D/s asked to interview me for her Coffee and Kink series of posts which focuses on talking with Dominants. I have to confess that I’ve never been interviewed before (well, at least not about anything nearly this personal!), but I found the experience quite flattering. Bella was very polite, asked good questions, and since the whole thing was done via email, I had time to think about my answers a little before sending them off. I’m not sure how exactly she selects her candidates, but I’m honored to be included. If you have an interest in reading her very interesting questions and my semi-coherent answers, you can find the interview at this link.

And you know what else? Believe it or not! I have also published my first article in an about-to-launch eZine, Sex This Month. It’s on the topic of (surprise!) Dominance and submission, and it is available for your reading pleasure in the “kink” section of the publication. Here’s a quick excerpt so that you can see what you’ll be getting into if you click on the read more link below:

“The idea of being “made” to live out one’s dark and lusty fantasies lies at the heart of the power of submission. Submission is the act of giving up control to your sexual partner, of relinquishing your own discretion and relying on theirs, of committing to do as you are told. And if your partner requires you to do something or perform some act that you find a bit embarrassing or shocking or taboo, well…you are expected to obey anyway.”

I have committed to two columns a month for Sex this Month (gulp!), and will post a note to my blog when they come out this week.

Did you see my last post? The one where I wanted to clone two more Jakes so that I’d have enough time and energy to go around? Perhaps I ought to go for three instead…

Enjoy yourself,


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