I have seen the future, and you know what it is? Clones. That’s right—it’s the only answer. It’s the only way that I can see making this life actually work.

You see, to properly Dominate Joy, I need more of two things: time and energy. Joy craves sexual Domination, and I think that if she could, she’d like to be spanked, roughly used, and put away wet about three times a day, maybe four. In addition, a generous helping of tasks and assignments to further her submission in between usages would be appreciated. Domination the way she wants and deserves it would be far more constant and thorough than she gets today.

Naturally, though, time and energy are also the two things that the remainder of life sucks away. There’s work and the need to earn a paycheck, there’s house and property maintenance, there are friendships and relationships with extended family, there is this blog and the other writing that I do, and then there’s the need for occasional free time to read a book or play a game or cook and eat a meal or just relax. All of them compete with Domination for time and energy.

Obviously something has to give. What usually gets short-shrift is sleep, which helps with the time side of the equation, but not so much with the energy. Coffee (shout out to you, lil!) can help in the very short term, but not so much after a day or two. Usually I end up in a cycle where I gradually bleed energy through the week in the hopes of making up the loss on the weekend. And sometimes I do make it up, but sometimes I don’t.

Oh, I know…I could simply bite the bullet and do less of something, but what? All of these things are valuable to me, and I don’t want to do less of them! Frankly, I want to do more of them, especially write and Dominate Joy (with the possible exception of work, though there’s that darned paycheck thing)! I looked into trying to extend the day beyond 24 hours…something like 28 hours would be an enormous help…but to date I’ve not gotten a response on my inquiries. Therefore, I am forced to conclude that the only viable alternative is to clone myself.

Think of it! If I had two or better still, three bodies, I could send one to work, let one sleep, and at the same time bend Joy over the kitchen chair for a thorough rogering. And when I was done, we could all three tag and rotate, and I could write while Jake #2 makes dinner while Jake #3 takes Joy upstairs for a lengthy session in the playroom. Add to that the ability to easily fulfill Joy’s desires for occasional double penetration and I can’t see how things could be better!

So all you genetic engineers out there, please buckle down and get to work. We need DIY cloning right away! Lord knows if we’ve got DIY plumbing and DIY auto-repair and DIY lawyering these days, homemade, test-tube Jakes cannot be far behind! When you’ve got the kit developed, send me a sample and I’ll try it and post a review on my BDSM Product Reviews page. I can’t imagine my experience would be anything but positive!

Of course, maybe I ought to consult with Joy just to make sure she really wants to have three Jakes around the house. I know that seems a little silly, but sometimes I’ve discovered that we’re not always in total agreement about things like this. Hmmm…or maybe not. I have a feeling this might be one of those things where it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Enjoy yourself,


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