Recipe for Four Hours Every Day

I thought I’d take a different tack for this week’s recipe suggestion. Rather than providing an idea for a single scene, instead I’m sharing an assignment that can span an entire week if desired. While not strictly an adventure in and of itself, assignments like this can provide a lasting source of fun and arousal that extends over several days, contributing greatly to the excitement of any “quality time” that takes place. This particular assignment is fairly basic, but can provide plenty of fun. I incorporated it into our just-ending obedience week, and it proved to be a rousing success.

The equipment requirements for this adventure list an anal plug “suitable for extended wear”. Many plugs are too large, have bulky bases or are simply too uncomfortable to keep in for a long period of time. An extended wear plug will ideally have a T-shaped base so that it can nestle in between the cheeks when inserted, not create visible bulges under clothing, and not cause discomfort when sat upon. Note, however, that it can’t be too comfortable! Ideally the wearer will be very much aware of its presence when it is inserted, but not feel wearing it is too onerous.

This particular adventure is essentially gender neutral. Though I write from a male-Dominant-with-female-submissive-partner perspective, the roles and genders may be exchanged with virtually no modification to the scenario if desired.

You Will Need:

Because this activity lasts for several days, listing specific clothing requirements is probably unrealistic. However, if you want to ramp up the severity of the assignment slightly, you could provide some guidelines for your partner to follow, such as specifying that she must wear skirts each day for the duration of the activity.

  1. Preheat your partner thoroughly before you begin. You want her to be in a receptive state of mind before you hand out her assignment. You can choose whatever method works for you to raise her temperature, as long as she is baking right along before you get started.
  2. Begin with a conversation (could be a monologue if you prefer). Remind your partner that she belongs to you and that you may use her body as you choose. Remind her that as part of her submission you expect her to obey you. Let her know that you have an assignment for her, and you expect her to do as she is told. If you prefer to call it a challenge, or homework, or a rule rather than an assignment, feel free. The point you want to make, however, is that you have something you expect her to do.
  3. Give her the anal plug and the lubricant (if you want to make this a bit more fun or dramatic, consider purchasing them new and gift wrapping them together, so that she can unwrap them in front of you) along with the instructions listed below:
    • Each day for the next X days she is to insert the plug (the lubricant is to help with this process) into her bottom and wear it inside her for at least four hours. You can choose whatever value for X you feel is right for your partner–Joy and I used seven days.
    • She may choose any four hour period during the day to wear the plug, with the exception that it can’t be during her sleeping hours.
    • When she inserts it, she must notify you that it is in place. She can do so in person, via phone, via text…whatever method is most convenient. But she must always tell you when she puts it in.
    • If she needs to remove the plug during the four hour period, she can do so, but she must notify you when she does. Even if she removes it, she is still expected to complete the total four hour requirement for the day, and therefore must re-insert it when she can and finish the remaining duration. She must notify you as well when she re-inserts it.
    • When she completes her four hours for the day she may remove the plug. She must then let you know that it is out and she is done.
  4. Explain that you understand that these requirements may be a little awkward to satisfy, but you nonetheless expect her to complete them. Let her know you expect her best, and you will be proud of her if she follows your instructions.
  5. If your partner is like Joy, merely hearing these requirements will make her heart pound and her nipples perk right up. Go ahead and enjoy her excitement by ravishing her thoroughly right then and there—take your time and be sure that both of you have great fun!
  6. Afterwards, hold her close and cuddle for awhile. But end the cuddle with a reminder that she has her homework and that you are looking forward to hearing from her when she first inserts the plug.
  7. Starting in the morning, hold her accountable each day for completing the requirements. Don’t let little transgressions slide. For instance, don’t let her slip and forget to tell you when she puts the plug in. Don’t let her get away with three hours instead of four (unless she’s having serious pain or something unforeseen comes up). If she tries to come up with excuses, be reasonable, but rather than giving in, help her to find a way to fulfill your expectations.


Though I phrased the instructions above in plain English, I don’t recommend you put them that way when you share them with your partner. As I recall, I told Joy that I knew how much she loved to have a cock in her ass, and since I couldn’t be there all the time, I was going to give her something to help her feel full when I was gone. I explained that she needed to tell me when she put it in because I wanted to know when her ass was full of cock. And I let her know that I wanted her to be comfortable, but to always be aware that the cock was there, deep in her behind. And I reminded her that I expected her to do as she was told. You probably get the idea.

This activity kept us both extremely worked-up for day after day after day. I very much enjoyed getting Joy’s notifications when the plug went in, and when I got home she was incredibly excited and ready to be taken right on the spot. She told me that she couldn’t stop thinking about socks, and every time she moved or sat down it reminded her of what she was doing and why.

Her bottom did get a little sore by mid-week, but that may have been because of additional use after the plug came out when I got home. If your partner is not quite as practiced at Joy in the realm of anal socks, you may want to consider starting out with a shorter duration, using a smaller-sized plug, or giving her a shorter assignment than four hours. It’s also wise to touch base each day to understand whether there are any issues and to consider whether your partner is able to continue on the next day. If you get a sense that the activity is becoming more grueling than exciting, there is no harm in ending it early—just be certain that you are the one to make this decision, and that you tell your partner that you have decided to end it.

Enjoy yourself,


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