Recipe for Bad Girl

In keeping with the theme I seem to be writing about this week, this adventure is a selfish one—you will use your partner for your pleasure without granting her pleasure of her own. This scenario could be used for an actual disciplinary session, which is how I originally enacted it with Joy many months ago. However, there’s no need to wait if nobody’s actually been a bad girl and no discipline is called for. One could just as easily use it as a sort of role-playing-lite adventure, in which one partner pretends that they have been bad and the other pretends that they need discipline. Either way, the actions are the same, though the feeling of the adventure will vary markedly between the two.

Though written from the perspective of a male dominant with a female submissive partner, this adventure is almost completely gender neutral—only minimal changes are required to accommodate different genders within each role! As always, ensure you have a safe word in place before you begin.

You Will Need:

  • 1 pair of wrist cuffs
  • 1 snap hook
  • a spanking implement of your choice (could be your bare hand if desired)

Start your partner off in her underwear. Just about any underwear will do—pick what you think is pretty or simply remove her clothes and go with whatever she has on underneath. You, however, should remain fully clothed. For this adventure there’s no need to place your equipment out of sight–I advocate leaving it in plain view out on the bed to allow a sense of anticipation to build.

  1. Inform your partner that discipline is necessary and instruct her to remove her panties.
  2. When she has done so, place the cuffs around her wrists and buckle them tightly.
  3. Lay your partner back on a bed or couch, face up. Bring her knees to her chest to form her into a ball. Pull her arms out and use the snap hook to fasten her wrists together behind her knees, so that she is in a ball-tie position, with her bottom and genitals nicely exposed.
  4. A ball-tie can be deceptively restrictive, as your partner will quickly discover. Use her legs and feet as a lever to position her as you see fit, then pick up the spanking implement. Explain that as a punishment for her transgressions she will be receiving X strokes (the value of X may vary depending on your knowledge of your partner and the spanking implement you have chosen—Joy and I used 20). Tell her that you will be counting each stroke off, one by one, and after each one you expect her to ask for another stroke (e.g. “Please spank me again, Sir!”).
  5. Begin the spanking. Hold your partner’s feet and legs out of the way with your free hand if necessary to get a proper angle. Make sure that she follows through on asking for another stroke each time—if she does not, repeat the previous stroke. In addition, as you spank her, explain to her why she is being punished. I favor the “four W’s” approach: What did she do wrong, Why it was wrong, What’s the right thing to do, and What will happen if she does the wrong thing again. Take your time—the spanking plus lecture ought to last at least six or eight minutes.
  6. When you reach X strokes, don’t stop. Continue on to at least X+3 or X+4. If your partner mentions that you were going to stop at X, inform her that you changed your mind, and that you will stop when you think she has had enough.
  7. When you feel you have reached a sufficient number of strokes, put down the spanking implement. Use your partner’s legs to turn her body around until her head is towards you. Grasp her hair and make her look at you to confirm that she understands what she did wrong and she knows what to do next time.
  8. Don’t say a word, but unzip your pants and enter your partner’s mouth. You may do so either from above or by turning her on her side and lying beside her. Use her mouth to bring yourself to orgasm, holding her head in place with a firm grip in her hair. When you come, do so either in her mouth or across her face– the choice is yours.
  9. Afterwards, use a towel to gently wipe her face and lips. Once her face is clean, release her wrists and enfold her in your arms. Stroke her hair and let her know that though you expect her to remember this lesson, she is forgiven and you love her.


Obviously the underlying theme behind this adventure is Dominance—you are telling your partner quite clearly that you are in control and that you expect her to obey your instructions or there will be consequences. As a possible variation, note that if you prefer to take your pleasure in an opening other than your partner’s mouth, the ball-tie position leaves both other options fully available. Other bondage positions would work for this scenario as well—possibilities abound.

Enjoy yourself,


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