Recipe for So Full!

This adventure makes use of a heterosexual female’s desire to feel that she is full…completely full…full to the brim and possibly even overflowing. Do all heterosexual females have this desire? I don’t know for sure. I only know that my wife Joy does, and in this scenario I thought it would be fun to cater to it.

As usual, I have written this adventure from the perspective of a male Dominant with a female submissive partner. While it would be possible to change the gender of either role, it would require other modifications to the adventure to support the gender change. Any sort of gag can be dangerous if not used properly—be sure not to leave your partner alone while wearing one. The penis gag, in particular, is not usually a beginner’s model, so I’d suggest gaining some experience with gags before employing it.

You Will Need:

Almost any sort of lingerie or other attire is appropriate for your partner to wear during this adventure, provided that it offers unobstructed access to her genital area, both front and rear. In fact, a case could be made that normal street clothes might be great fun (as long as they include a skirt) because their “normality” would contrast so markedly with the position your partner is about to find herself in…

As usual, I recommend keeping most equipment out of immediate sight until you are ready to use it or the blindfold is in place, so as to leverage the element of surprise to add to your partner’s excitement. You should put on the strap on harness and dildo prior to beginning this adventure, but put a pair of shorts over them to remain at least semi-discrete.

  1. Attach the wrist and ankle cuffs
  2. If using, place the blindfold over your partner’s eyes and ensure her vision is fully obstructed.
  3. Begin tenderly preheating your partner, taking her to a nice warm overall glow with kisses, caresses and petting. Once she feels nicely loved, instruct her to open her mouth and insert the penis gag, fastening it behind her head to hold it in place. Let her know that she is now sucking on a cock, and that you expect her to satisfy it with her mouth.
  4. Use your lips, tongue and hands to turn up the heat. Bring your partner to a state of full arousal. As you do so, make sure to remind her that she has a cock in her mouth and you expect her to keep it happy.
  5. Now you are faced with a choice. You have two penises available for use—your own and the strap on dildo. If you prefer to fill your partner’s ass yourself and let the dildo enter her vagina, guide her to lay face up on the bed. If you prefer to fill your partner’s vagina yourself and give her ass to the dildo, guide her to lay face down on the bed (and you may want to place a pillow under her hips to improve the angle a bit).
  6. If you choose face up, use the snap hooks to attach your partner’s wrists cuffs to her ankle cuffs in the wrists to ankles position, left wrist to left ankle and right wrist to right ankle. If you choose face down, use one snap hook to bind your partner’s wrists together behind her back, and the other to bind her ankles together, leaving her legs extended.
  7. Apply the lubricant to your partner’s anus (inside and out) and insert a finger. Slowly and gently slide it in and out for a moment to help your partner’s anal ring relax to allow full penetration.
  8. When ready, insert your penis into your chosen orifice and the dildo into the other. Go slowly to ensure your partner feels no discomfort, especially if she is not well-versed in anal intercourse. When fully encased in your partner’s body, point out to her that she is completely full—no hole is left empty and wanting. Remind her that she needs to entertain the penis in her mouth while the other two cocks take their pleasure in her body.
  9. Enjoy! When you are done, free your partner and remove the gag and blindfold. Hold her close and let her know what a good job she did and how well she satisfied all three cocks. I suspect you will find that they satisfied her as well.


There is an implicit subtext to this adventure around the idea of your partner being shared between multiple men—three men, to be exact. It is easily possible to make that far more explicit if desired—to do so, simply highlight that idea through the things you say. Point out to your partner that three different penises are taking their pleasure in her at the same time, and that only one of them belongs to you. Therefore, there must be two other men playing with her. Give the other two guys names if you want to. Joy has a fantasy (which she won’t admit to but which is nonetheless there) about being used by multiple partners simultaneously, and I therefore play this aspect up when we have similar adventures.

On the other hand, if being this explicit isn’t to your taste, simply reinforce the idea that your partner is stuffed full in every hole. Don’t mention that the different penises imply other men—the idea will always be there, unstated, but present on the outskirts of thought nonetheless. That will likely be enough to provide a good bit of energy all by itself.

Variations on this scenario would include changing the bondage positions (prone or spreadeagle might be good options), adding a vibrator or nipple clamps to raise the heat even more, or prefacing the experience with a nice spanking. It’s also possible to replace the penis gag with a second dildo—the kind with a suction cup on the bottom so that it can stand up on its own. In this case, you can require that your partner actively give the dildo a blow job while you take her from behind.

Enjoy yourself!


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