Just a couple quick updates from our place:

  1. The new bloodwood paddle I ordered has arrived. It has not yet had an opportunity to taste the sweet flesh of Joy’s bottom, but its moment is coming…
  2. In addition to the above package, Amazon has delivered a copy of “Fifty Shades of Grey” to our mailbox. Joy will be taking the first crack at it, and she has consented to provide her thoughts in review format. And I suspect I’ll find the need to give it a read as well. We’ll probably we’ll have something to share within a week or so.
  3. I wanted to call your attention to a post by Kitty at The Submissive Wife about the concept of “breaking a woman“. It’s an excellent read on a controversial topic, and I highly recommend it. Additional views (this time from the Dominant side) have been presented by Dauntless Vitality and Omega, and both are worthy of perusal as well.
  4. I found a present for Spanky of Bright Bottom, who runs a feature called “Spanking Faces” each week. While browsing here and there in the virtual world that is the internet, I came across a picture that seems to be tailor made to fit in that category. Hope you like it, Spanky! (And my apologies if you’ve already seen it.)

It’s been a busy weekend around here, so I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got to share for the moment.

Enjoy yourself!


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