One thing I never seem to run short of is ideas for adventures for Joy and I to share. Generally I’ve got at least two or three percolating in my mind, and when I think the time is right, we live one out together.

I thought it might be fun to add a regular weekly post about adventure ideas. Because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for Joy, I’m not going to detail the ones that are still percolating, but I’ll share things we’ve done in the past. Readers are welcome to co-opt these ideas and use them verbatim in their own relationships, amend them to fit their own circumstances as they see fit, or simply ignore them if that’s preferred. My thought was that Friday might be an appropriate day for these posts to appear, as it’s just in time for the weekend!

Don’t know if this will be popular or not, but here goes!

Recipe for Adventure: Standing “O”

IMHO, there are two types of BDSM adventures–action adventures and mood adventures. An action adventure focuses on specific actions and activities to generate excitement, while a mood adventure depends more on atmosphere, setting and establishing a scenario. In general action adventures are simpler, so I thought we’d start off with one of those. Standing “O” as written works best with a female submissive, but could be modified to fit a male sub if desired.

Joy and I have used this idea or a variant many times. It’s fun because it causes the submissive to lose control (pretty much always a good thing) and because reaching orgasm in a standing position is relatively uncommon. Results are, of course, not guaranteed, but this idea works well for us!

You Will Need:


  1. Place the cuffs on your submissive partner’s wrists, then connect them to the overhead connection point. Note that this connection point must be sturdy–if you follow the instructions correctly, it is likely that it will need to be able to support most of the your partner’s body weight shortly.
  2. Pre-heat your partner through appropriate foreplay. I usually start with kisses and then move downward gradually on Joy’s body, focusing on all the fun places. Do the things you know your partner likes–your objective is to get her thoroughly hot and bothered, and since her hands are bound above her, there’s not much she can do to stop you.
  3. Ensure your partner’s nipples are nicely erect and then apply the nipple clamps. Tighten them enough to stay on, but don’t over-tighten. Once they are in place, continue with pre-heating activities.
  4. When your partner has reached an appropriate degree of hotness, use one hand to apply the vibrator to her genitals. If using a rabbit vibrator, insert the tip into her vagina and let the rabbit play against her clitoris. If using a traditional vibrator, apply the vibration directly to her clitoris or wherever you know she likes it best.
  5. Using your free hand (or a short paddle or hairbrush, if preferred), spank your partner’s bottom smartly. Continue spanking with one hand as you manipulate the vibrator with the other to bring your partner to orgasm. Don’t stop once orgasm has been reached. Continue on and see how many times you can make your partner climax. Because her hands are bound, there is little that she can do except come and come and come again. Joy often reaches a state where she begs to stop because she doesn’t think she can handle any more.


I love the sight of Joy writhing and twisting against her bonds overhead as the vibrator does its work. It makes her so sensitive that she automatically struggles to get away from it, but because she is bound she can’t. During orgasm her knees will sometimes give way or she’ll fall off-balance–hence the comment about the connection point needing to be sturdy. The spanking acts as an enhancer and serves to keep her focused, and the nipple clamps play a similar role. Watching her breasts bounce and the chain of the nipple clamps swing back and forth as she twists and squirms is positively mesmerizing.

Variations on this activity would include:

  • adding an anal plug of some sort
  • foregoing the spanking
  • adding a gag or blindfold to increase the bound partner’s sense of helplessness

As always, remember that this is a consensual activity, and be sensitive to your partner’s needs. Employ and honor a safe word!

Enjoy yourself,


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