Joy and I are fortunate enough to have a dedicated “play room”, and that’s definitely a luxury. It lets us store equipment and even furniture without worrying about it being discovered by a house guest, as we can keep the door locked when it’s not in use. It also lets us make modifications to the room itself which wouldn’t be easily explained away if they were viewable to others. However, our playroom is simply an extra bedroom that we re-purposed. Lately I’ve been thinking about what a playroom would look like if I could design it from the ground up.

  • It would be situated next to our bedroom, ideally through a connecting door. There’s no telling when something that starts innocently enough in bed might take a darker turn, and it would be very convenient to have everything located just a few steps away.
  • Soundproofing would be excellent. While we don’t often have overnight company, sometimes we have family in town that stay with us, and that paddle makes quite a “smack!” when it comes down on Joy’s bottom!
  • It would be big…bigger than a standard bedroom. We would need room for the special furniture it would house: a new and improved spanking table, a St. Andrew’s cross, naturally a bed, and I have this idea for a special reclining chair that would hold Joy in place and provide opportunities for her to be simultaneously used both top and bottom. Big would also be good in the event that we hosted a party. Can’t you just see several different pleasure stations set up in differently locations within the room, all in operation at the same time?
  • Speaking of that bed, it would certainly need connection points at all four corners and at the midpoint of each of the four sides. An overhead connection point directly above the center of the bed would be handy as well.
  • Oh, and we’d definitely need another overhead connection point in the middle of the room, with open area around it (see picture for explanation of why).
  • Naturally the HVAC system would need to be good for climate control purposes, and a sound system might also be handy in case music was called for.
  • Lots of storage would come in handy. Perhaps a wardrobe for hanging Joy’s racier outfits, some hooks to hang the spanking implements, and a chest of drawers with drawer organizers installed to hold the cuffs, gags, clamps, vibrators, and other paraphernalia.
  • Having a sink for easy cleanup would be good, but seeing as this is a wish list, let’s just go the whole way and specify a connecting bathroom, complete with shower.
  • Carpeting would be more comfortable, but a tile floor would be easier to clean. Well, let’s split the difference and do a tile floor, but with rugs that could be moved around as necessary.
  • The room should have windows to let in light, but ideally they’d be screened by trees to provide privacy. Of course, curtains could always be closed to prevent anyone from seeing in.
  • Color-wise, I have the feeling that a somewhat darker color paint on the walls would be good—perhaps something from the red side of the palette? As far as décor goes, I’m somewhat torn on the idea of erotic art—I’ve seen some with a BDSM theme that appeals, but part of me thinks that would just be tacky. What do you readers think?

Anyone have any other suggestions if you were going to build a playroom? Not that I have any imminent plans—I’m just dreaming for now. But it’s always good to dream, right?

Enjoy yourself,


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