Don’t you love finding a new use for something? A year or so ago I bought Joy a strap on dildo made for her to wear. I bought it with the idea that she’d use it on our friend Beth when she came over to visit, but that didn’t work out. Instead, Beth used it on Joy, and that worked out much better indeed! However, we haven’t seen Beth now for quite awhile, and so the “Vac-u-loc 2000 Female Strap On with Plugs” has been gathering dust in a drawer. You can see a picture of it to the right (image courtesy of Extreme Restraints)

That’s too bad–it’s really a quality item (see our review for more info). So I was happy when I realized that it could fulfill another purpose last night.

Last night when we went to bed I truly intended to simply go to sleep. We’d both been up late the night before, and so the idea of drifting off into blissful dreams sounded highly attractive. But, of course, before we go to bed I need to administer Joy’s nightly maintenance spanking. I know what you’re thinking–couldn’t I just skip it for once so we could go to sleep? And the answer is no, that wasn’t an option. See my previous post about sweating the small stuff for reasons why.

Can you believe it? Once that spanking got going, with Joy’s bottom wiggling and squirming in my lap, all of a sudden sleep didn’t sound quite so attractive. Still, though, I didn’t want to give up on the idea of going to bed early. Joy, however, was in sore need of something to keep her occupied.

“You want to feel full, don’t you?” I asked her. “Nice and full.”

“Yes,” she whimpered as I gave her behind a few more strokes.

“Hmmmm…it’s too bad I want to go to sleep…but I have an idea. I think I know just the thing to fill you up!”

The Vac-u-loc 2000 harness comes with two internal plugs meant to fit into the front and rear entrances of the wearer. Of course, it also comes with the strap on dildo itself, but that’s removable, so I simply took it off and buckled the harness on Joy, taking care to slowly and thoroughly insert the two plugs before fastening the buckle. Joy gasped as they slid in, and the harness ensured that they stayed firmly in place.

“There, my dear,” I told her. “I think we’ll keep you just like this all night. Do you think you can go to sleep this way? All nice and full?”

By this point Joy was well and truly worked up. “I don’t know,” she whispered. “I don’t know if I can.”

“Well let’s find out, shall we? Let’s see if you can sleep all night with a cock filling your pussy and another cock filling your ass.” Her breath caught and she bit her lip. I could see her thinking, imagining her situation…

“Oh, but we need one more thing,” I told her. I got out her cuffs and fastened them on her wrists, and then her matching collar and placed it around her neck, positioning the D-ring at the front of her throat. “I think you might be tempted once it gets late to take the harness off…especially if you find it hard to sleep.” I grasped her wrists and pulled them up to her neck, using snap hooks to attach them to the collar, “Story of O” style. I could hear Joy literally begin to pant as she tested the cuffs and realized that she could no longer use her hands to free herself.

“That should do it,” I said. I reached up and turned out the light. “Sleep tight, Joy.”

I have a feeling that Vac-u-loc 2000 is going to see a bit more use, Beth or no Beth. I wonder if they have a locking model?

Enjoy yourself,


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