I received a tip from Sean, the owner of Sexy Bondage Restraints, who is also a reader of this blog. He pointed me to a new item he has stocked that appears to that appears to be one that I’ve been trying to find for over a year! After taking a look at it online, I think he’s right–this just might be it!

To set the stage, one thing that Joy and I like to do is go out on “date nights”. Date night is not just a trip to the movies or a visit to a nice restaurant for dinner. We eat at restaurants fairly frequently, but merely going out for a meal doesn’t constitute a date night. For us, a date night means that we go somewhere out in public, but our Dominant/submissive rules are in place while we are out. Oh, they’re not out in full view for everyone to see–we try to pass as just another couple under casual scrutiny at least. But underneath, where it’s not quite so obvious, things are a bit less vanilla.

What do I mean when I say that our D/s rules are in place? Well, most of the time D/s for us pretty much ends once we’re outside the walls of the bedroom. But on date nights, I pick what Joy will wear, and I expect her to comply. I’ll instruct Joy that she needs to put on a short skirt and no panties, for instance, or that open tip bra I like so much. I might require her to wear a choker (because they look so sexy…almost like a collar) or the bondage belt I wrote about the other day. I’ll order from the menu for her if we’re having a meal, and sometimes afterwards, perhaps even in the car in the parking lot, I might require her to provide me with a special favor, and I suspect you can guess what that might be if you try.

Sometimes, though, it’s fun to go a step further. We own a leather harness that is built to keep an anal dildo in place, and a couple times I have put this harness on Joy underneath her skirt, with the appropriate dildo inserted where it belongs, before we have left for the evening. The feeling of fullness it provides (along with the sense of security that the dildo will not slip out that the harness guarantees) has made for particularly fun evenings.

But the problem has been that the dildo we have is just that…a dildo. It doesn’t vibrate. Wouldn’t it be even more fun, I’ve often thought, to have a vibrating dildo in the harness instead, one that I could turn on and off while its inside Joy, even when we’re out in public?

And that’s how my mission to try to find a wireless, remote control, harness-compatible anal dildo started. I’ve looked high and low online, and I even made a trip out to a local brick-and-mortar sex shop to ask them if they had heard of anything that might fit the bill. I found vibrating anal plugs galore, but only a few of them were wireless remote control, and of those, none had the proper shape to fit into our harness. Until now, my search has been unsuccessful. However, as I said above, I think Sean has come through for me.

The product he has located is called the Genius Secret Vibe. Great name because it’s made to be secret when one is wearing it! Let’s take a quick look at how it stacks up to my requirements:

  1. Vibrating Anal Plug? Yes!
  2. Wireless Remote Control? Yes!
  3. Flat bottom that it is harness compatible? Tentative Yes

Note that last “tentative yes”. That’s the only possible issue that I can see–the bottom is a suction cup and is made of flexible rubber, and while it’s the right shape for our harness, I’m not positive it’s rigid enough to stay in place. I’ll have to get my hands on it to confirm.

We haven’t tried the Genius Vibe yet, so I can’t report out on our satisfaction at this point, but once we get it I’ll post a full review. In the meantime, I’m going to start thinking where we need to go for our next date night! Hmmm…someplace where Joy will have to keep a straight face no matter how hot the party gets underneath her skirt…

Enjoy Yourself!


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