While I am a guy and shopping usually isn’t my forte, one thing that I do enjoy shopping for is bondage equipment. Every so often I’ll go visit the sites for the Stockroom or Extreme Restraints just to see what’s new and different, and to check if anything in particular catches my eye that we simply must add to our collection. Just my little contribution to the economy, I suppose.

Early last year during a virtual shopping trip I came across an item that has become a staple for Joy and I, and it’s uncommon enough that I thought it might be interesting to write about. The idea for the product is simple, but few manufacturers seem to make them, and I don’t understand why. Perhaps no one knows about them? Well, all the more reason for me to write a post…

The product I’m talking about is our bondage belt. The lovely model in the picture (image courtesy of Extreme Restraints.) is wearing one around her waist. This belt is attractive and comfortable enough that Joy has worn it out in public as part of an outfit. It’s made of thick, black, padded leather (natch) and has shiny, metal d-ring connection points at each hip and behind the back, some nice shiny rivets holding the pieces of leather together, and a buckle at the front to hold it closed. Oh, and a fun and important point–the buckle is made to accept a padlock, just to be sure it won’t come unbuckled without express permission.

Why use a bondage belt? (insert evil chuckle here) Well, we find many uses for ours:

  • The D-ring at the back makes a quick and efficient point to cuff Joy’s hands to when they need to be out of the way behind her. A quick “snick, snick” and Joy’s hands are restrained.
  • The D-ring at each hip offers an interesting pair of locations for connection points, allowing me to cuff Joy’s hands at her sides. This is a particular favorite position of mine, as it positions her hands where they are visible and she can almost interpose them, but not quite. It’s kind of a tease, I suppose, akin to holding something just out of reach, so it tantalizes but cannot be attained.
  • The belt is thick enough to act almost as a waist cincher, providing a nice, tight, closed-in feeling when it is worn. Joy enjoys feeling it fit snugly around her waist.
  • The locking buckle provides an extra edge of excitement. There’s just something about the sound of a padlock closing that sends a shiver of anticipation up Joy’s back.

Of course, you can use it as a tie-off point for various rope bondage positions as well. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a rope guy, but I could certainly see the connection points proving useful if I was.

Despite all these practical advantages, however, I have to say that the number one benefit this belt provides is the way it looks. Seeing Joy wearing the belt and nothing else with her hands cuffed to her sides is a sight to behold. Or perhaps she could wear a pair of stockings…the kind that stay up on their own with the built in garters. Now that’s a good idea!

Anyway, the bottom line is that we both like our bondage belt, and I’m not sure why they don’t appear to see more widespread use. Seems to me most folks could use one hanging in their playroom wardrobe beside the corsets. You know, the wardrobe where you keep the high heeled leather boots and the red FMPs…

Hmmm…stockings with built in gartners…I don’t think Joy owns any of these, and they could really come in handy! Maybe I better go shopping to see if I can find her a pair…

Enjoy yourself,


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