I did a little work in the playroom this afternoon. Oh, nothing major, but it occurred to me that if it’s truly a playroom, where we do not need to worry about what people will think because they’ll never see inside it, then there were a couple additions I could make that might prove handy. One will solve a potential problem that Joy sometimes worries about, and the other…well, it’s just an idea I saw that I thought would come in handy at times.

Among other things, our playroom contains (surprise!) a bed. It’s queen-sized, and is placed so that the head butts up against the wall. The headboard is low, and doesn’t offer many pleasing options for tying off a set of cuffs. Therefore, the first thing I did today was to set two hook eyes into the wall, one to each side of the headboard, up about a foot and a half from the level of the bed. They’re good, solid hook eyes, and I put them into the wall studs, so they’re not going anyplace no matter how Joy thrashes or pulls.

The purpose for these connection points is to allow me to run a line from a cuff on each of Joy’s hands through the corresponding hook eye and then back out to attach to her same-side ankle or thigh (depending on my preference). If I pull her legs up and back before tying them off, the line will both keep her arms stretched out and back above her head and keep her legs up and apart all at the same time. The beauty of this, in my mind, is that it uses her own body against itself. If she tries to lower or close her legs, the lines will pull on her arms and prevent her from doing so. If she tries to pull her arms down, the lines will tug her legs up and apart even further, again stopping her. Equal and opposite forces, using the hook eye as almost a pulley–it’s a simple concept, I know, but it hadn’t occurred to me until I saw it in action. We’ll see if Joy likes it!

The other modification concerns a potential problem Joy worries about that has to do with balance. One position that we both think is fun is to have Joy ride me in the woman-on-top position. There’s nothing surprising about that, but my preference is to have her arms bound behind her during her ride. This position provides a lovely turn-about on the standard, vanilla woman-on-top, where the female is in control. In our version, I retain control, because without the use of her hands, there’s little that Joy can do except ride, while I, on the other hand, can assist her with her labors, play with her breasts and nipples, and provide clitoral stimulation to my heart’s content. Plus Joy gets off hard and fast in this position, so everybody’s happy!

However, she worries about toppling over. She has no hands available to be able to catch her, and while I tell her not to fear and that I will catch her if she starts to fall, nonetheless, she’s brought up the concern several times. And her point is valid–if she started to topple and I didn’t catch her, she could fall and hurt herself.

So, today I installed a hook eye in the ceiling above the bed. My thought is that rather than cuffing her hands behind her as she practices posting on my personal saddle, I can instead cuff them overhead. This preserves a good bit of the control I desire, while at the same time providing her both balance and a means to catch herself if she should start to fall. I’m not sure how well I’ll like this–there’s something I treasure about binding Joy’s hands behind her back–but I expect Joy will find it pleasing, so we’ll give it a try.

See what I mean? Nothing major–just a few pieces of shiny metal sticking out of the wall and ceiling. But how much fun I expect they’ll provide us! I just hope my mother-in-law doesn’t decide to take an impromptu do-it-yourself tour of the house and find her way into the playroom. It would be pretty hard to explain them! Guess I’ll have to double-check to make sure the door stays locked…

Enjoy yourself!


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