Before I start, I probably ought to clarify that I mean “my favorite panties for Joy to wear”. For my own personal attire, my tastes run more toward boxer-briefs than panties.

Let’s be honest–I love leather. I love the way it looks, I love the way it feels, and I love the way it smells when it gets warm. I also love the primitive feeling it evokes when I see it made into a garment. Fortunately, Joy feels the same way, and because of this, we own lots of leather stuff…a leather collar, a leather blindfold, leather corsets, a leather bra, and naturally, assorted leather cuffs.

We also own several pairs of leather panties. Now, leather isn’t an obvious material for panties in many ways. It doesn’t breathe well, for one thing, you can’t toss it in the washing machine, and it tends to be hard to avoid panty-lines when wearing it. Because of this, leather panties almost always fall into the category of special occasion “decoration” rather than serving as a typical, wear-them-all-day items. Nonetheless, there are many different makes and models of leather panties available if you do some looking around.

We purchased my favorite panties from JTs Stockroom last year, and we’ve used them many times since then. Surprisingly, they are not crotchless (our experience so far with crotchless leather panties has been poor) but I love them dearly just the same. Joy’s rear end looks absolutely scrumptious in them, and I mean that word “scrumptious” literally, as in “good enough to eat”. They are black (my favorite because it carries such a dark connotation and because it looks great against Joy’s pale skin), and while the front is featureless, smooth leather, the other side is different. The panties lace up the back, and there is something about those laces and the way they frame Joy’s tender ass that absolutely drives me crazy whenever she wears them.

The problem with non-crotchless panties in most bondage positions is that you have to remove them before immobilizing your partner or they will tend to get in the way when festivities commence, if you know what I mean. I very much like to place Joy in bondage, and because of this, our modus operandi when Joy wears these it so stick to hands-only positions, such as bound overhead to the hook-eye in our playroom ceiling. That way I can keep the panties on her for a nice long time and admire the view before I finally reach the point where removal is required.

Even though these panties are incredibly hot to look at, there’s no denying that they are leather and therefore not really suitable for long-term wear. Plus, imagine the panty-lines those laces would make! Therefore, though we break them out frequently, once the scene is over they go back into storage to wait for the next time–they don’t get worn around the neighborhood.

Though most lingerie gets old after the novelty has worn off and gets tossed in the back of the drawer to give the newer purchases pride of place in the erotic-wear collection, these panties have stood the test of time. When I instruct Joy how to dress for an adventure, I keep coming back to these panties every month or so…the sight of her wearing them and nothing else simply calls out to me.

Hmmm…what do you know? I seem to have talked myself into changing our adventure tonight so that we can incorporate these panties into it. Something a little darker than what I originally had in mind, I think. Anyway, I’ve rhapsodized about my favorite panties long enough. Suffice it to say that if you like leather, I couldn’t recommend these more highly.

Enjoy yourself,


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