One of the presents I got Joy for Christmas was a bondage hood. It’s an inexpensive, lightweight, spandex model—we hadn’t used one before and I didn’t want to spend big dollars when I wasn’t sure if she’d like it. However, it’s proven to be both useful and effective in some interesting ways.

Don’t confuse a hood like this with a blindfold. Oh, it covers Joy’s eyes, and it does obscure her vision somewhat, but the spandex is thin…thin enough to breath through. And while I’d call it translucent rather than transparent, it lets enough light through that shapes and movement are distinguishable. It’s really not very good at blocking Joy’s vision.

What it is good at, though, is creating a sense of isolation and anonymity within her. When she wears the hood, it covers her entire head, leaving only her lips and mouth exposed. She becomes literally unrecognizable (well, at least to anyone who doesn’t know her body the way I do). Joy is quite aware of this effect–the idea that she is no longer identifiable seems to fascinate her. In addition, because the hood clings tightly around her head, she feels closed in, as though she occupies a small space all to herself. Often I’ll place a true blindfold on first with the hood over it to maximize this latter feeling. The combination of hood and blindfold creates total darkness for her–there’s not even an outline of light around the edge of the blindfold.

Because she feels anonymous, the hood seems to enable Joy to do and enjoy things she might not be as comfortable with if she wasn’t wearing it. And because she feels closed in, apart from the world, she tells me she can imagine herself as an observer, watching her body participate in experiences rather than feeling the need to take control of them.

We can, for instance, role-play a scene in which Joy is surrounded by naked men, each of whom vies for the attention of her mouth on his erect member. Joy has a fairly strong limit around exhibitionism, so even the thought of a situation like this usually raises fears that prevent her from being able immerse herself in it. However, with the hood on, she has not only participated in such a role, but found herself taking great excitement in it. (And for anyone wondering, no, we have only role-played this scenario.)

So, counter-intuitively, the hood that encloses Joy gives her a greater feeling of freedom. But it provides something more as well, something for both of us.

Because it makes Joy anonymous behind its black façade, it also contributes a sense of objectification to a scene. Its dark, featureless exterior, broken only by Joy’s lips (ideally sporting a bright red lipstick) hides Joy’s personhood and makes her into a mouth, a set of lips, a tongue…at least for the duration of the adventure. Joy is free to picture herself as an object to be used, a treat to be partaken of at her Dominant’s whim, a body with the sole purpose of providing pleasure to her owner.

Objectification can be a powerful contributor to a sense of Dominance and submission, because it removes the objectified party’s volition and makes them into a possession rather than a person. Joy seldom feels more submissive than when she wears the hood and lets herself be used. And, because this creates an amazing feeling of excitement in her and much of my own pleasure comes from the excitement she feels, it gives me a serious charge as well.

If I had my druthers, I think I’d prefer to have a heavier bondage hood for Joy to wear, perhaps one made of leather (have I mentioned that I love leather?) or latex. That way no extra blindfold would be required. But the stretchable spandex is convenient, and the price for this one was very reasonable. And as I’ve described, it’s effective, enough so that when we have a strict night we have employed it frequently.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought this, but something about it appealed to me and made me think Joy would like it as well. My instinct appears to have been right.

Enjoy Yourself,


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