Crisco” is a brand name for at type of all-vegetable shortening. Back in the bad old days, back before the internet and even before pornography went mainstream, Crisco was famous for something besides frying chicken. Do you know what it was? No, it has nothing to do with food!

Crisco came to be well known in the gay community for use as an anal lubricant. It’s slippery and persistent, and does an excellent job of helping things slide into tight holes. This idea migrated from homosexual circles across into the fringe of the heterosexual arena, and I can remember reading references to “Crisco Parties” when I was young, in which a plastic tarp was laid down and all guests got naked and covered themselves with Crisco. The idea was for the party to become a slippery, sliding, mass of writhing, intertwined bodies, with any available hole being penetrated by any available organ. “Crisco Twister” had a brief heyday as an adult party game as well.

Last year, just for fun, Joy and I held a Crisco party of our own. We purchased a painter’s tarp and spread it across the bed, then took turns rubbing each other with Crisco until we were slippery all over. I had lit a few candles and put them up around the room, and Joy looked so lovely with her slippery skin shining in the candlelight! We then slid and slithered over, across and into each other, tickling and laughing, kissing and rubbing, finally culminating with a lengthy stay in Joy’s fine rear end. Our Crisco-Party-for-two made for a fun change from our typical bedtime adventure, and though a post-coital shower was necessary, as a fringe benefit, we both ended up with such soft skin!

Crisco makes an excellent anal lubricant. It’s low cost, and a little goes a long way. From everything I’ve been able to find on the web, for anal use it’s safe. That being said, however, one drawback is that it is not safe for vaginal use, and you should use care to ensure that you don’t let it migrate from back to front, if you know what I mean. The anus cleans itself (obviously), but the vagina doesn’t have the same cleansing mechanism, and therefore it’s possible for leftover Crisco to remain inside and go bad, possibly causing an infection. For this reason, we typically leave the food-products in the kitchen and use a purpose-made sexual lubricant, such as Astroglide, when extra lubrication is called for.

I suspect our Crisco Party was a one-time, now-we-can-say-we-did-it kind of affair. The mess and extra cleanup probably outweigh the added fun once the novelty has passed. But that one time was a bit of an adventure! There are other interesting, food-related options available that we haven’t yet explored, though. I wonder if Joy would be up for a round of Jello Wrestling? Best two out of three falls, perhaps…

Enjoy Yourself,


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