Guest post by Joy

This year I am not going to make the same resolutions that I have in the past. I resolve to make new resolutions; hopefully the sort that do not fall by the wayside within a few months or weeks (or just after midnight as a few have done).

I want to make resolutions that I am strongly motivated to keep. In the past few weeks, I have seen a great strengthening and deepening in what I thought was already a great relationship with Jake, and I want to make resolutions that will help me see just how far we can take this. So here goes …

  1. I resolve to show more trust in Jake. When he asks something of me, I resolve to think before I say ‘no’ if indeed that is my first reaction. My trust in him has not been misplaced thus far, so there is no reason to stop trusting him now.
  2. I resolve to be more communicative with Jake. If I have to request that we turn off the lights and ask Jake to press his ear to my lips because all I can do is whisper haltingly in unfamiliar words; if that is what I have to do to voice my desires that is what I will do.
  3. I resolve to try every toy Jake springs on me. If I am feeling timid, I will simply ask for a blindfold. As with trust, Jake has not yet done wrong by me in this category and I can only benefit by allowing him to lead.
  4. I resolve to try to embrace my ‘submissive self’ (I believe that is the right term) and let her show herself more. By that, I mean that I resolve to resist the ingrained notion that showing dependence, need or the willingness to obey is an indicator of weakness. I struggle with it, but I am learning, slowly but surely (at least so far) that it is actually an opportunity for growth both for me as an individual and for my relationship with Jake.
  5. I resolve to read Jake’s blog on a regular basis. Believe it or not, I do not keep up with it. I have found it too personal and a bit embarrassing in the past, but now I also see it as a portal into my husband’s mind. He truly is very inventive; I am blessed to have somehow found in my husband the sort of lover that many women only find in ‘romance novels’ or erotica.

That is my list. I know that it is only five things and not particularly ‘sexy’ at that, but perhaps I can write a more exciting list of resolutions next year. These are actually five huge resolutions for me. A few weeks ago I thought I knew everything, but now I am finding that I am just a baby. What a way to begin the New Year.


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