Guest post by Joy

I had a bit of a surprise last night; one that is still deliciously on my mind for some strange reason. I am still mulling it over in my head now and my hands are trembling as I write this.

Jake and I have been going back and forth for a few months now about ‘submission’. In my estimation, I have submitted to him time and time again. Thanks to his wonderful imagination it is never a chore to follow his lead. It really is usually all about me, so I have happily submitted to his suggestions and felt that he was completely happy, too.

Yesterday morning, Jake told me that he was going to spank me after dark. He left me all day to think about it and prepare myself, both mentally and physically. He has spanked me before and I have willingly yielded. To tell the truth, I was really looking forward to it and the day just seemed to drag on interminably. I could not wait for dark.

Whether Jake uses his hand, the paddle, or his leather belt, it is all good playful fun; just a bit of kinky foreplay that we both enjoy. The only instrument that Jake has in his toy chest that I would rather shy away from is the crop: I don’t care for how that thing stings. Fortunately, Jake understands and only breaks it out now and then for a couple of swats. It does make a nice sound.

Last night was different. As usual, he made a general suggestion about what I should wear: this time, a baby doll with a skirt to flip up. Of course I knew why. He also left my cuffs and collar out; the cute black leather ones with the red hearts. When it came time to make my way down the hall to the playroom, I was eager and my bottom was already tingly with anticipation.

I didn’t even mind when Jake put the straps around my thighs so that he could secure the cuffs on my wrists to them. He had thoughtfully brought the large pillows from our bed for me to lie across, face down, which I did. He flipped up my skirt and kissed and caressed and licked until I was absolutely moaning. He slid one of my larger anal vibrators up my ass and I was ready for my spanking foreplay.

So Jake smacked me with his hand, not as hard as he could I am sure, but harder than ever before. He hadn’t even put a gag in my mouth, and I couldn’t help but gasp and rear up as far as I could given the cuffs and straps. This time Jake did not ask me if I was ready, as he usually does. He steadily smacked my bottom, one side and then the other. He only stopped to tell me that tonight it was up to him to decide when he was going to stop; not me. He didn’t even count and I couldn’t.

When he finally stopped and I could catch my breath, he told me that his hand was tired and he was going to get something else to spank me with: what would I like? Surprised, I just answered “anything but the crop”.

Face down and ass in the air (no longer pink, but red by now, I am sure), I heard him open the toy chest and move things around. By the time my mind could register the whistle in the air, the crop smacked down on my right cheek. Oh how it stung!

I don’t know how many times Jake smacked me with that hateful crop, but I do know that it was past the tingly level and well into the realm “that really hurts”. Jake seemed to sense my “please stop” point, and slid his cock into me from behind as he kneaded my ass. Then he flipped me over, removed the vibrator and gave me the absolutely best anal sex of my life. When I was spent and rolled to my side, Jake smacked my sore rear with his palm again; four times, but who’s counting.

Afterwards, after the cuddling and Jake’s attention to my sore parts, he asked me if everything was okay. I told him that I had not liked the crop. He asked me why, and I told him “because it stings”.

Jake said that he knew I did not like the crop, so I asked him why he had used it. He responded “because it stings”.

I understand that I need to do things that are out of my comfort zone. In order to truly submit to Jake, I need to submit to his desires whether they are completely in line with mine or not. I want to because I love him. I can because I trust him. Anyway, for some reason that I can’t quite yet identify, the spanking met some need in me and that felt really, really good.

Jake did not really hurt me last night. He definitely surprised me and he taught me something new; that submitting to him is truly a turn on. I lay awake in bed last night for hours, not just because my bottom burned, but because I wanted more. I woke early and have wanted him ever since. Every time I sit down, I have reason to vividly remember last night.

I’ve already let Jake know that not only was last night okay, but I would like some more, please. He has already let me know that I just might get spanked again tonight. So here I am again, waiting for the sun to go down.

Jake, with an quick remark: I’ve written several posts about working on reaching a deeper level of submission. Based on the above commentary, which Joy surprised me with this afternoon, it appears that we’re making progress!

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