The holidays are getting closer! I can tell because the presents have begun to arrive!

Oh, I don’t mean the ones that other people have purchased to give to Joy or I…it’s too early for that. No, I mean the ones I ordered myself!

I don’t really know why it’s so much fun to try out new playthings. We certainly have enough stocked in our toy chest already. Frankly, we could use another chest entirely–the one we have is overflowing. But fun it is, and after a fairly rough week all-in-all, I am focusing on the promise of future delight and Christmas joy (no pun intended) that they carry with them.

Now, I’m not going to divulge what I got Joy for Christmas here in this post–she would read it and find out! But I think I can pretty much guarantee she’s going to be a happy girl when she sees (and feels) what Santa brought her. That naughty Santa! Of course, a few of the items I purchased aren’t really suitable for wrapping and putting under the tree. They’re more the kind of thing that gets revealed in the playroom after dark. But that will make them all the more fun.

In our home, it’s also kind of a tradition that you’re allowed to purchase one gift for yourself for the holidays. Oh, you don’t ‘fess up to it being something you bought. You wrap it and put it under the tree, and label it as having come from somebody else…Margaret Thatcher, for instance, or Genghis Khan. “Look what the former Prime Minister bought me,” you might say when you open it. “How thoughtful that was of her! And who knew that she was into leather?”

This tradition actually came from Joy’s family (or so she says), and she has championed it all through the years of our marriage. Over time, the same principal has been extended to cover birthdays as well, and I’m expecting Valentine’s Day and our anniversary to come into scope at any time. While the selections that her alter egos purchase tend to run more to beauty supplies, clothing and/or jewelry, mine generally fall into a…darker vein.

So, there may be a gift that I purchased for myself that has arrived in the post as well. Of course, it would be one that I’d share with Joy, so hopefully we would both benefit, each in our own way. It could be sitting in its box right now, all nicely wrapped and waiting to be put out for the holiday.

Hmmmm…do you suppose Santa would be mad if we opened just one present early? Margaret Thatcher wants us to, I’m certain. Look! She wrote “Okay to open early” right here on the label…

Enjoy Yourself,


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