It’s the time of year for holiday gift-giving! And doesn’t everybody need a couple of “special” gifts…the kind you don’t put under the tree, but give to your significant other privately, away from spying eyes? I’ve just posted the Leather Cuffs and Silken Bonds 2011 Holiday Shopping Guide (just in time for “black Friday”!). It’s a directory that lists the “best” BDSM products and merchants that Joy and I have uncovered during our many adventures over the years. Let’s face it–much of the merchandise available for BDSM play doesn’t live up to it’s marketing hype. The products we include, however, have been thoroughly tested in Jake’s combination playroom/evil laboratory, and have received both Joy’s “Multiple Orgasm Award” and the Leather Cuffs and Silken Bonds stamp of approval.

The guide is broken out into categories. Each listing points to a review of a product and a link to a location where you can purchase it. I’ve also tried to indicate which items are most suitable for beginners just starting out on their BDSM journey. If you are new to this “hobby” and still assembling your selection of tools and accoutrements, the guide provides an easy way to select items that work well, are built to last, and will help you and your partner successfully explore the many paths of BDSM.

I’ve only listed the “best” products we’ve found. If you don’t see a listing for a particular category of toy or tool, it’s because we haven’t yet found one that lives up to our standards (Joy is pretty exacting, let me tell you!). To check out our thoughts on options that didn’t make the cut for “best” products, you can see the complete list of BDSM Product Reviews. Full disclosure–Leather Cuffs and Silken Bonds has an affiliate relationship with some (not all) of the merchants we list on this site. We try, however, not to let that influence our reviews.

One of the best things about shopping for “special” gifts is that it’s so much fun to browse. Hope this guide proves both useful and entertaining!

Enjoy yourself, and happy holidays!


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