Well, like Jake says, we do not always strive to make Santa’s good list. Now that we are all grown up, we’re onto that scheme anyway.

Jake covered most of the bigger items, though I must says that some of the pieces mentioned on his list brought a blush to my face. I’m afraid I’m not quite as daring as he is, and his imagination is much more vivid than mine in some situations. Nevertheless, I am able to add a few things I hope find their way under our tree that it seems he forgot to mention:

  1. An entire case of Hot Pants Flower Balm. I love this stuff and absolutely fear running out of it. I am hoping that we might even get a discount for ordering in bulk. If you honestly haven’t tried this yet, what the heck are you waiting for? This will absolutely be your sweetie’s favorite present ever (or yours). Try it; you will be hooked and I will accept your thank-you note with only a whispered “I told you so”.
  2. Touche Bonda Dea Anal beads: With all of the time that Jake spends paying me homage from behind, you would think that we had a collection of these, but really we tend to use body parts or battery-operated gadgets for that. Actually, I may have a rope or two of anal beads somewhere, but I am pretty sure that they never even made it out of the package. They just look like so much fun in all of those videos. I am pretty sure that if we figure out how to use them right, things could get explosive. But just in case we can’t find them, these look like so much fun! Who doesn’t like a little Italian in their life?
  3. Wild-G G-spot and Clitoral Vibrator: Jake and I already have a rabbit vibrator and I like it very much! I would like a second one for my nightstand so that I don’t have to trek all the way down to the playroom on those evenings when Jake is out late. This model looks more advanced than the one we already own, plus it’s purple!
  4. I would love, love, love another Portrait Open Tip Bra or two just like my black one from Love Fifi. This is the best-made piece of ‘novelty’ lingerie I own. It is nice to be so perky and well-supported, yet so exposed. I would like a red one to match a delicious pair of red crotchless panties I also bought from Love Fifi, as well as a very innocent white one. They make such a nice frame for my breasts.
  5. Batteries of all sizes: AA, AAA, and definitely D. Every Christmas wish list needs something practical on it, and really, we run through batteries like they are going out of style. Call these the ‘socks’ of our naughty list.
  6. I would love a nice bottle of Muscato wine. I realize that this is really sort of out of the category here, but it is my favorite and I put it on every single wish list I can. If Jake (or Santa) were to put a bottle or two under the tree trust me, I would reward him very well.

If I come across any other “items of interest” before the big day arrives, I’ll add them to my list. But in the meantime, everyone, happy holidays!


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