Menu for Saturday, November 5th

  • Appetizer: Light Domination with hands held firmly overhead, accompanied by assorted intimate kisses, fondles and caresses.
  • Chef’s Amuse’: Wrists and elbows roughly drawn together behind the back and bound tightly with silk scarves.
  • Salad Course: A mix of tender kisses and firm spankings served upon Joy’s tender bottom, dressed to taste with caresses and nipple teasing. Pleasing penetration with anal dildo and compulsory oral sex to follow.
  • Entrée: A large helping of Joy’s snug asshole, served face down and bottom up, with a side of simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation by vibrator. Additional orgasms upon request.
  • Dessert and Aperitifs: Mélange of cuddles and snuggles, followed by smiles and sleep.

Note: Entry by invitation only, and proper dress requirements must be met. Choice of spanking instrument is left to the chef’s discretion.

Tonight’s Dress Requirements:

  • Babydoll nightgown
  • No additional clothing permitted
  • Hair to be pulled back into a ponytail to make for a better handle

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