As mentioned in previous posts, Joy and I attended a Witch’s Ball this past weekend. Joy dressed as a witch. Her costume apparel included a knee-length skirt, a hat, a pair of nylon stockings with built in garter belt, her wrist cuffs and her dress collar. Per requirement, her costume apparel did not include panties underneath her skirt. I dressed as her captor, a member of the Spanish Inquisition. (“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!)”

  1. Witches don’t actually have balls, as would immediately have become obvious if you’d looked under Joy’s skirt. They also keep themselves neatly trimmed.
  2. Joy looks lovely in blue—it matches her eyes!
  3. You can wear just about anything to a Halloween party and get away with it. Joy’s costume was by no means the most risqué outfit there, even though this was a totally vanilla party in a public place.
  4. Cuffs and a collar make quite the conversation starters. We had more total strangers come up and talk to us!
  5. A remote control vibrator placed discretely in your partner’s ass pairs quite nicely with a couple glasses of white wine to make for an entertaining evening.
  6. It’s best to leave the remote control in the “off” position when your partner is trying to eat. Otherwise it’s too distracting!
  7. Long tablecloths and wandering hands pair nicely together, too.
  8. Joy has a hidden talent for dancing with her hands cuffed together behind her back. Fortunately I had brought a snap hook so that she’d have an opportunity to display it.
  9. Knee-length skirts are just long enough to keep a witch’s secret safe on the dance floor. Next year we’ll have to go an inch or so shorter.
  10. In some quarters, it might be considered cruel to activate the remote when your partner is dancing with another member of the opposite sex. Fortunately the Spanish Inquisition was known for its cruelty.
  11. Joy’s nipples get really perky when she’s aroused. High beams on!
  12. In your 20’s, you accept the proffered blow job in the parking lot. When you’re a little older and wiser, you go back home so that you can take your time.
  13. It’s very convenient for your partner to wear cuffs and collar out. You can come home and put them immediately to good use!
  14. A Wartenberg Pinwheel can make a good tool for a witch-finder to search out hidden “marks of the Devil” in all kinds of interesting locations on a captive witch’s body.
  15. Though they may squirm and struggle a bit in your lap at first, secretly witches long to be spanked.
  16. With the proper stimulation, witches submit quite beautifully!
  17. Though witches have a reputation for being cold-blooded, certain portions of their body are really quite hot and moist.
  18. If you have a choice between a good witch or a bad witch, go with the bad witch every time. They’re loads more fun!

Enjoy yourself!


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