As with most other areas of interest, it is easily possible to blow a wad of cash buying toys and equipment to support your BDSM habit. As a matter of fact, Joy and I recommend many different items when you’re ready to do so. All sorts of restraints, vibrators, spanking implements, apparel and other useful items may be had for a price. However, it’s also possible to make do on the cheap, using items that you might find in a hardware store, grocery store or other, non-BDSM-related location for a lot less money. I always like to point out opportunities for the budget conscious.

The item pictured in this post is a case in point. In its current incarnation, it’s a switch—a thin, light spanking implement that once upon a time was fashionable for corporal punishment. Years ago, a switch would have been fashioned simply by cutting a length of flexible tree branch-I believe hickory, birch and willow were popular-and then using it while it was still green (and therefore supple). However, in the event that you’d prefer something longer lasting, or if you don’t have a convenient tree available, you can do what I did and re-purpose another item to create one.

As you can tell from the bottom photo, this switch started out as a cat toy, the kind that has a feathered ball of fluff hanging from a string on the end of a long stick. The stick allows you to dangle fluff ball over a cat’s head to entice them to play with it. The original cost was in the neighborhood of $5 USD at one of the big box pet stores. All I did to convert it to its new purpose was to cut off the string, leaving just the stick, which has a nice finish and just enough flexibility. What could be easier than that?

You might think that something so small and light might prove trivial when compared to other spanking implements, such as crops or paddles. You would be wrong. As Joy says, this thing has “wicked, evil teeth”. It stings rather ferociously when wielded correctly, and in some ways is the most fearsome tool we have in our spanking arsenal. Because it is so thin, it will leave stripes and raise welts very easily. One must be careful when using a switch.

One can easily go online and order a fancy, leather tool for the purpose of smacking one’s partner’s bum. Frankly, if you look hard, you can probably find one encrusted with faux jewels that will run you more than $50 USD (and those jewels will probably eventually fall off during use). And there’s a certain feeling that comes from these purpose-built items that can help to build the correct atmosphere for a scene. But you don’t have to do this. You can also look around you, examining everyday items with a BDSM eye, and you’ll discover many things that can be re-purposed as this cat toy has been.

Re-purposed items can have a feeling of their own, and they’ll cost you far less.

The only caveat I would make is to be careful about safety. Items built for BDSM have been created with safety features in mind, whereas items built for other purposes may not have. For this reason, I’d avoid riskier categories (gags and collars, for instance, where the risk of choking arises) when it comes to DIY BDSM items.

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