The variety of bondage positions available with one human body, a couple pairs of cuffs and a snap hook or two amazes me. If you want to add in a chain connector or a length of rope, even more vistas of restraint open up. I’ve mentioned many in my writing, but to date, I think I’ve only written in detail about the hog tie. Today I thought I’d cover a different option, sometimes called the “leapfrog position”.

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To describe, the leapfrog position requires you to place your partner face down on their hands and knees, then draw their hands back between their legs and cuff each wrist to the inside of the corresponding ankle. This results in them being face down with their rear end up in the air, and their head down on the bed or whatever other surface they are laying on. Sometimes a set of stocks or a spreader bar is employed to provide convenient attachment points and to keep legs spread, as is shown in the accompanying picture.

On the positive side, this position places the bound partner in a situation of great helplessness. With their head forced down by their own body, they feel hard-pressed to move. Moreover, the head down position prevents them from being able to use their sense of sight very effectively, especially when it comes to seeing what is happening behind them. WIth their bottom in the air, the submissive partner is posed perfectly for spanking or flogging. The leapfrog position also allows the Dominant partner free access to the submissive’s genital area for all types of play, including both vaginal and anal rear-entry. When Joy and I employ this position, she tends to climax relatively quickly, and her orgasms are often powerful. I believe this is due to her sense of helplessness combined with the strong stimulation made possible by the ease of access the leapfrog position provides.

On the negative side, the position is demanding on the submissive partner, as their back is stretched and bent. The head-down aspect in particular can be taxing, and they may feel pain in their neck after being bound this way for a length of time. Joy has definitely expressed concerns about comfort when kept in this position, though usually not until after the adventure has ended (somehow she seems to be distracted by other things until then). The other negative is limited access to breasts and face. If you want to give your partner’s nipples pleasure or pain, or you’d like to spend some time kissing and cuddling as a warm up for awhile before moving on to more hard core activities, best to do so before you place your partner in the leapfrog position.

Overall, the feeling this position creates is one of brutal sexuality. It’s about the physical side of sex, and when employed correctly, leaves no doubt as to who is in control of the situation. It’s not a good match if you desire to mix tenderness with cruelty. The leapfrog position doesn’t really do tenderness, though it can handle the cruelty aspect quite well.

For Joy and I our favorite activities when she is bound like this include:

  • Use of a vibrator to provide clitoral stimulation
  • Insertion of an anal plug or vibrator
  • Spanking
  • Intercourse, either anal or vaginal
  • Double penetration (with a little help from a strap on)
  • So, to summarize, if you’re feeling particularly close to your partner and want a night of love and intimacy, look elsewhere. But if your partner has a yen to be taken and (roughly) used for hot sex, the leapfrog position can deliver.

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