October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, and that made me think that today it would be appropriate to talk about breasts. Breast cancer awareness and prevention is a worthy cause, and though I’m not going to focus on the disease, treatments, or anything related to NBCAM in this post, I do want to encourage readers to click on the link above and learn more.

With that recommendation complete, now let’s buckle down to considering the intersection between breasts and BDSM. Breasts are, of course, a well known erogenous zone. But what, exactly, does one do with a breast during a BDSM adventure?

Well, there are quite a few opportunities to enjoy this particular body part within the confines of BDSM, and I’m going to list a few of them below. Note, by the way, that most of these would apply to a male breast just as much as one owned by a female! The male nipple, in particular, is an oft-overlooked erotic area for many men.

  1. Admiration: The most basic thing one can do with a breast is admire it. What does that have to do with BDSM? Well, it’s true that BDSM isn’t required, but some forms of BDSM attire make admiration particularly easy. I’m thinking, for instance, of the cupless or peek-a-boo bra or the many types of upper-body harnesses out there, which often frame the chest area very nicely. Plus, there’s something about the innocence and vulnerability of the breast which contrasts so very well with the “scandalous” appearance of BDSM dress and adds an extra zing to an already lovely sight.
  2. Bondage: Many bondage aficionados enjoy binding their partner’s breasts. Rope bondage, in particular, often employs this technique. In addition to playing the role of a harness described above, binding breasts can also be used in some of the same ways as as a breast clamp. And one should also recognize the fact that properly bound breasts can make a very pretty picture! Note, however, that this particular activity generally applies mainly to the female breast, as most males are not anatomically equipped to be able to participate.
  3. Manual or Oral Stimulation: I know this particular usage is obvious, and once again, basic stimulation doesn’t require BDSM at all. However, let’s think about a BDSM scenario and see if we can sense a difference between it and vanilla stimulation of your partner’s breasts.

    Let’s imagine that you bind your partner’s hands outstretched above their head, so that they cannot lower them to cover themselves. You give them a tender kiss and then quite matter-of-factly tear open their shirt, popping buttons and ripping fabric, exposing the soft flesh of your bound partner’s breasts. Your partner cannot hide their body from your view. They cannot move away. Their hands bound overhead prevent this. They can only surrender themselves to you and let you do as you wish. You then touch, caress, nibble and nip at your partner’s bare breasts and nipples. Your partner can do nothing to prevent your touch, to prevent their nipples from coming up erect under your ministrations, or from feeling the rising tide of excitement with their bodies.

    Isn’t there a notable difference between this and the standard caresses and kisses of vanilla breast stimulation? Now, by the way, would be a good time for me to put in a plug for Flower Balm, Joy’s favorite sensitizing cream, which may be liberally applied to the nipples as one begins to play with them. We have tried quite a few different sensitizing creams which frankly, had very little effect. Flower Balm is not those creams!

  4. Clamping and Pinching: Pain and pleasure are surprisingly close neighbors, and in some situations, the two can open their doors and have a bit of a house party together. Breasts and nipples are particularly susceptible to this phenomena, and many people, both men and women, find that when they become aroused, it feels exciting and somehow pleasurable to have their nipples pinched or clamped. Many types of clamps may be used for this purpose, ranging from the lowly clothespin to a whole variety of specialty nipple clamps. It’s also possible to move beyond the nipple and clamp the entire breast (generally this applies only to female breasts), either with rope or a breast clamp.
  5. Spanking or Flogging: While the ass makes the most common target for spanking or flogging, breasts present the second-most common. Like the behind, they are soft and vulnerable, and there’s that previously mentioned connection between pain and pleasure that seems to take place with them. Be gentle and pay close attention to your partner when spanking here, however, as your their breasts are far more sensitive and easily damaged then their rear end.

Note as well that these options may often be mixed and matched, so that it’s quite possible, for instance, to bind breasts and also apply a clamp to the nipple, or even to use the nipple clamps themselves as part of the bondage. Other options certainly exist, including such things as piercing and needle play or hot wax application. However, this is a good list to get started on.

Few things put a smile on my face more readily than thinking about the breast. Take a moment, ponder on this lovely portion of the anatomy, and remember that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Enjoy yourself,


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