Joy and I have been shopping online for Halloween costumes today in preparation for the Witch’s Ball I wrote about the other day. This is the one I we’ve settled on for her. As you probably know if you’ve been following along, Joy is a “bedroom submissive”, which taken strictly, means that she submits to me behind the bedroom door, but outside the bedroom, she is very much her own person. We tend to stretch that a bit to say that the bedroom includes all sexually-related activities, whether they take place in the bedroom or outside it, so things like being forbidden to wear any sort of panties for a month are incorporated.

However, her Halloween costume sort of has a foot in both worlds. In one sense, it’s doesn’t fall into the realm of sexuality at all–it’s basically a party outfit. In another sense, however, because it provides an opportunity to work on Joy’s exhibitionism limit, and she’s agreed to use it as such, it’s clearly a bedroom activity. All this is to say that our costume selection was very much a negotiation, mainly over the length of the hemline of the skirt. And that’s okay–remember we’re working with a limit, here, and making progress against it, so patience and acceptance of incremental steps are important!

Nonetheless, I believe both of us ended up satisfied. From Joy’s point of view, she won’t be flashing the entire room the whole night. From my own perspective, the skirt is short enough that she’ll be conscious that she’s bare underneath for the duration of the party, plus it won’t be too difficult to surreptitiously slip my hand up underneath it during dinner. And the corset-style lace up front appeals to me as well. Add in her leather collar and a pair of leather cuffs around her wrists, and she’ll be a luscious site indeed!

I intend to dress as a member of the Spanish Inquisition myself, which ought to go nicely with Joy’s “witch in bondage” look. Too bad I don’t have that toy I wrote about yesterday–it would make a nice addition up underneath Joy’s skirt. However, perhaps we will substitute a remote control, vibrating egg instead. It’s not quite at the same level, but still ought to add an extra thrill out on the dance floor.

Enjoy yourself,


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