For the last year or so I’ve been searching for a toy that doesn’t exist. At least, that’s the way it appears, as I’ve been unable to find it. Oh, things seem to be edging in the direction I’m looking for, but there’s still not a perfect match. I’ve even gone so far as to submit it as a suggestion to the Stockroom, so hopefully one day I’ll hit Google and get the response I’m hoping for back.

Joy and I have a harness that we purchased a couple years ago made to hold an anal dildo in place. It fits around the hips and legs, and the clever construction keeps the dildo securely inserted in Joy’s ass, while leaving her vagina unobstructed and completely accessible for all types of fun. It was originally marketed as an anal dildo “keeper”, and we have enjoyed it many times. I’d long since have posted a review of it in our product reviews section and recommended it highly, except that I can no longer find it for sale anywhere. It makes no sense to recommend something and not be able to point you to a place to get one of your own! However, the harness isn’t the toy I’m looking for–we’ve already got a harness, and we don’t need another one. Instead, I’m looking for something we can use with it.

I want to find a wireless, remote control, vibrating anal dildo that fits into the harness. I need wireless remote control because I want Joy to wear it out for a date, and me to be able to turn the vibrations on and off as I desire. The harness disappears nicely under a skirt, and Joy’s worn it out with me several times with the regular dildo that shipped with it, but while that fits very well (in both her and the harness!), it doesn’t vibrate. It’s fun to for both of us to know that Joy’s sitting there at dinner with a penis thrust up into her ass, but how much more fun would it be to be able to make her gasp and shiver with pleasure by pressing a button?

We’ve also tried using the remote control, wireless eggs that you can find many places. These work pretty well, make little noise, and provide Joy with a thrill at the push of a button, but in the end, they’re just a bullet. I want Joy to feel as though she has a nice, long cock deep in her bottom, vibrating all the way up into her belly. And when we get home, I want to be able to raise her skirt and slide myself into her vagina, then turn on the vibrations, and let her experience the excitement of double penetration.

So, here are the characteristics of the toy I’ve been searching for:

  • Penis shaped (realistic style is ideal)
  • Approximately 5-6 inches long, and not too large a circumference, so that it’s comfortable for fairly extended anal insertion
  • Flared base to fit into harness
  • Wireless remote control

One would think that wouldn’t be too difficult to locate, but as I’ve said, so far, no luck. I can find:

  • The aforementioned wireless remote eggs
  • All manner of vibrating anal plugs that do not provide wireless remote capability
  • Hollow, harness-compatible dildos that will hold a wireless remote control egg, but are too large for extended anal wear

Each of these, however, has some sort of drawback that make it non-usable for the scenario I have in mind.

I still have hope, though! Just lately I have come across a couple new offerings–pricey, but on the right track–that consist of a vibrating anal plug operated via a wireless remote control. These look like they’d almost work! The only thing preventing them from filling my need (and Joy’s asshole) is the shape of the base—they are made for hand use, and the base prevents them from fitting into the harness.

Still, it seems that manufactures are heading in the right direction. If you’re a manufacturer out there, here my plea! Joy and I can’t possibly be the only couple out there who would like this toy. Create it and offer a harness similar to the one we already own, and I bet it will sell!

And, if you already have such a product, let me know—I’ll buy it.

Enjoy yourself,


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