Usually Joy and I publish reviews of products we like, and that have done a good job for us. This only makes sense–readers get the most benefit from hearing about the good products, as opposed to all those not-so-good ones out there. If you want to buy a set of cuffs, for instance, is it more useful for you to hear “we recommend these cuffs”, or “not sure what you should buy, but for God’s sake make sure it’s not these!”?

However, sometimes it’s fun and useful to read about an interesting failure–a product that’s a good idea, but just doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to execution. And that’s the case with the Cloud 10 Venus Butterfly, an attempt at a hands-free vibrator that simply doesn’t succeed. If you’re interested in what it is and why it didn’t work out for us, take a look at the review.

Enjoy Yourself!


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